Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes- Cooling Eye-Revive Gel

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

This week, I got the chance to try out the Alba Botanica® Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel. This is the perfect product if you suffer from tired, puffy eyes. The Cooling Eye-Revive Gel uses natural ingredients like cucumber, green tea, and caffeine to stimulate a cooling sensation, revive, and reduce puffiness in your eyes. The gel is hypoallergenic, so, perfect for sensitive skin, and comes in a convenient mini-sized tube – perfect for traveling and relieving puffy, irritated eyes on-the-go. Alba Botanica® is a brand that specializes in 100% vegetarian and botanically-based skin and hair care products. That means products that are good for animals, good for the earth, and good for you!

The Cooling Eye-Revive Gel worked wonders on my especially tired eyes. As someone who rarely gets more than 3-4 hours of sleep a day (and even less with finals right around the corner), it’s great to own a product helps make sure my under-eye bags don’t reflect that. The product goes on smooth, and, immediately, a cooling sensation is triggered. After a few hours, I saw a noticeable difference in what had been very pronounced and puffy under-eye bags. My eyes appeared brighter and more alive after using the Cooling Eye-Revive Gel and remained that way throughout the rest of the day. From my experience, the gel provides at least 8-hour puffy eye relief. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for quick relief, as it takes a few hours to kick in, it does provide an impressive amount of relief overall.

I recommend investing in the Cooling Eye-Revive Gel if you, too, suffer from sleepless nights and puffy eyes (as many college students do).