Far From a Joke

Photo Cred: Her Campus Hampton U Photographer Joanna Rowell

As HUHC168 winds down, Her Campus Hampton U got to talk with Hampton Idol winner, The Joker. Although Darrius Summers was never expecting to win the title, his talent did the trick. He feels honored to have the title of a competition so serious. Music was never something he wanted to pursue professionally. It seems, The Joker, a 2nd-Year-5-Year MBA major, Leadership Studies minor from PG County, Maryland is far from a joke. When asked about his win, Darrius says, “I don’t want to be a signed artist. It’s just for fun. My overall goal has always been to start business.” A sophomore from the Ogre 16 class, Darrius has aspirations of owning and running an affluent hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. After interning at the Hilton hotel chain this past summer, where he met executives and others of high caliber. He decided the hotel business is definitely the path for him. Darrius wants to open a themed hotel but make it open to all markets, not just vacation. He has always had a passion for serving others. Her Campus Hampton U had a few more questions for Darrius:


How long have you been rapping?:

About five or six years. My friends are rappers. They played an instrumental and asked me to freestyle. Later they all said, “wow you really have talent.” We were all just chilling in my basement before a party. They had been doing their rap thing for a minute. Then me and another friend, Ed Glenn, ended up being the best lyricists in the room. We went into a group together that took off in high school. It was called MCK.


What made you compete in Hampton Idol?

I was coming to see my friend audition. My friends told me to audition. I just freestyled and they happened  to call me back the next day.


How do you feel about winning?

I knew I was talented but their was so much talent in that show. I’m more of a club banger type of artist but we had so many types of artists in the show. Zhavi was more spoken word, James had an 80s hip hop/old school vibe, and Unique has that female swag; Rah Digga/Nicki Minaj style.


I wanted to let others share the spotlight. We performed at the pep rally. And I wanted to give space for others who do want to become signed artists. Some of them were 4AM, James, Your Highness, etc.


So ultimately, what did you take away from this experience?

To be prepared because you never know what opportunity may approach you. If I had known I would be recognized for my talents like a week prior, I could’ve been ready.


What do you like to rap about?

I couldn’t even tell you what I rap about. I go off the crowd’s vibe. I rap for different audiences.

Photo Cred: Her Campus Hampton U Photographer Joanna Rowell