A Fall From Grace Review

Tyler Perry tried to fulfill the requests of having less of a predictable movie, but everyone knows that a lot of his movies have the stereotypical black woman saga. The woman finds love and it doesn’t work out and then she meets someone new.

Despite Tyler Perry’s mixed reviews on A Fall From Grace, the new movie has been trending on Twitter as viewers came together. 

Now yall know “Black Twitter” had a lot to say about the film.

A lot of people enjoyed the film while some, on the other hand, couldn’t look past the many mistakes. 

Tyler Perry revealed that he and his crew filmed A Fall From Grace for only five days and it showed in some aspects when you really pay attention to the movie.

I really can’t say what I want without spoiling the movie a little. A Fall From Grace is about a woman named Grace Waters (Crystal Fox) who is making a life for herself after her ex-husband weds his mistress and her son moves away.  

Her best friend Sarah (Phylicia Rashad), convinces her to think about herself for once and move on. Eventually, she meets a guy (Mehcad Brooks) and he becomes her husband. Grace’s new husband pushes her to her limits when he interferes with her life, work, and sanity.

Left alone to rot in prison awaiting trial for his murder, Grace puts her trust in Jasmine Bryant (Bresha Webb) a public defender who is not as experienced as most. 

A Fall From Grace was a good movie and the ending left me shook because I was expecting it. The budget and production could have been better. The acting and the plot were impeccable, but it had some holes in it of course.

You can tell Perry didn’t put a lot into writing the script because, at the beginning of the movie, Jordan was at the scene when the old woman jumped out the window that was later linked to Sarah’s house and no one ever explained it. 

The plot twist in the thriller is what made me think it was one of Tyler Perry's best works. I will say he is creative, but he needs to spend more time writing and rewriting. There is so much more he could have done with this film if he put more time into it.

Me being the investigative reporter that I am I had too many questions after watching this movie. 

A lot of things didn’t make sense or had a recollection of what happened.

Like Tyler we want to know:

Why didn’t the husband put two and two together sooner when he saw the lady fall out the window in the beginning and investigate?

How did Grace not know that her best friend, Sarah had a son?

Why didn’t she beat Shannon a** when he was in her bed having sex with another woman?

How is Shannon not brain dead after Grace beat him like that?

How did they never find a body?

How come the old lady (Cicely Tyson) wasn’t locked up in the basement with the rest of the ladies?

How did Jasmine's husband let Sarah get away?

Why didn’t we see Grace confront/ beat up Sarah?

Did Jasmine keep her job?

Is there going to be a second part Tyler? Because we're not understanding...

Besides the bad corner store wigs, continuity issues, and set production... “Ashtray Bitch” is what really did it for me. If you know, you know!

The movie has a lot of good messages that everyone can learn from. Watch it to see how you feel about it. This movie will leave you messed up! Trust no one…

A Fall From Grace is now available on Netflix.