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Fall Date Ideas

Are you tired of going on movie dates? Getting 2 for $20’s at Applebee’s or constantly “Netflix and Chilling” and him not taking you outside into broad daylight? Well girl the

Her Campus team put together the top 6 must go on dates in the fall. So enjoy and be sure to post lots of snapchats.

1. Go Zip-lining through the Autumn Leaves

Once you see the leaves on the tree changing colors grab your special someone and take them zip lining through the trees. It is amazing being able to see the leaves up close and personal like that while experiencing a thrilling zip-line ride.There are no zip-line places in Hampton, Virginia but if you can get to Williamsburg you can definitely visit Freedom Park.

2. Go Horseback riding

Ladies this is a perfect opportunity to pull out those cute brown leather boots and nice knitted sweater so you can look super fab when you’re riding that horse into the sunset with your man. Horseback rides through a park on a crisp fall day is super romantic. Visit Gentle Touch Stables in Hampton to make this date happen.

3. Go on a Hayride or to a Corn Maze

Find a local farm in the area and enjoy their activities. A quick little hay rides going around the perimeter of the farm and being able to see all of the pumpkin patches, and apple trees can be very cool. If sitting on a block of hay for 20 minutes isn’t your thing a Corn Maze might be the activity for you. Trying to stay with your group while being turned around by all of the twists and turns in this 14 feet tall maze is loads of fun. Try out Holly Fork Farm & Pumpkin Patch for a perfect fall outing with bae. 

4. Make some Pumpkin Caramel Apples

Grab some fresh large granny smith apples, some caramels, orange chocolate candy melts and some clean sticks from the yard. This is the caramel apple with a twist, replacing the apple stem with a real tree stick and covering the caramel apple with the melted orange chocolate creates a really simple but yet cute Autumn twist.

5. Go Stargazing

Go outside on your roof or find a open field where you and bae can lay out and look at the stars all night while holding an intellectual conversation and sipping on some hot cocoa and eating some snacks. You can re enact the Lion King scene under the stars but with your boo boo!!

6. Make s’mores

The perfect way to wrap up an amazing date full of adventure is making a crunchy, melty dessert! Cuddling up around the fireplace or fire pit roasting marshmallows and watching throwback Halloween movies on Disney Channel is just to die for.

  Olivia is a Sophomore Strategic Communications major Marketing minor form Staten Island, New York. She loves going out to eat, planning events and giving back to the community. Olivia hopes that through her writing and community outreach that she can positively change a young woman's life even if it is in the smallest way possible. 
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