Face Oil Product Review + Face Wash Routine

You guys ask and we deliver! I’ve suffered from acne since my freshman year of high school and have continued to buy product after product trying to clear my skin. I had tried the African Black soap, Dudu Osun and Raw Shea Butter as my moisturizer. This combo actually did wonders for my acne and it did go away, but as time progressed, I continued to change products and never really kept a stable morning/night face routine. Recently, I discovered a black-owned business that specializes in skin care. The product that is the most popular is the face moisturizer called Rose Galore.

As you guys can see, I’m almost finished because I do use it twice a day but I also brought the ½ oz which is very small. This moisturizer has avocado oil, argan oil, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, organic rosehip oil, and dried roses. I actually have only tried argan oil and olive oil for my hair but never for my face. As for the other oils, I’ve heard that they are not only good for your hair but for your skin as well. The owner of this business has suggested using a toner before using the oil so you can see better results. I started using the oil on March 25, 2019. Now, before using the oil, the only products that actually changed were my face cleanser and obviously my moisturizer. Below, are the products that I use!

So, my morning and night routine are actually the same! Before washing my face, I use the Thayers Witch Hazel to wipe off all the dirt from my face. Next, I wet my face and I put a small amount of the Biore Charcoal Cleanser on the Clarisonic face brush and I wash my face for 60 seconds. While I count in my head, I will dance or I sing the first 60 seconds of Nunya by Kehlani (Don’t ask how I know the specific 60 seconds, but just know I do). After, I run my face cloth under warm water and pat dry my face. Lastly, I use the Rose Galore moisturizer. The philosophy exfoliator (my grandma was using it and decided to buy me one), I only use maybe twice or three times a week depending on how I’m feeling. Back to the oil!! The oil actually started breaking me out for the first week but coming up on almost three weeks, my dark marks are disappearing and my skin is GLOWING OKAYY!! All in all, I actually do recommend the moisturizer.  

(IG for the oil is @moonxcosmeticsllc)