Fabulous Freshman: Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson, a first-year Strategic Communications Major on a pre-law track from Inglewood California, is this week’s Fabulous Freshman!


HC: Why did you come to Hampton?

OJ: I came to Hampton because the whole idea of the Standard of Excellence intrigued me. Plus I’m a legacy so it was like, I was going to come here.

HC: Describe your style.

OJ: I like to say I’m really fashion forward. I’m really a go with the flow type person, but I try to make sure my outfits match. People like Rihanna inspire me so more edgy a little bit but classy.

HC: What’s your perfect Hampton man?

OJ: *Laughs* My Hampton man… he’s got to be focused and has to be God fearing. Waves on swim, tall, funny, nice smile, likes to study, he has to be a motivator because we’re both in college and we’re both struggling. He doesn’t have to know what he’s gonna do in life but not just here for the parties, you know?

HC: What do you want to accomplish in life?

OJ: I want to be a brand ambassador for a company, I want to be known for philanthropic stuff. I want to be a mogul by the time I’m at least 40, so I’m going to give myself time. I want to advocate for people in third-world countries who can’t advocate for themselves. That’s why I want to go to law school.

HC: Is Hampton what you thought it would be?

OJ: Yes and no, honestly. It’s a private school so I knew they were going to be strict like when you look at the dress code they make you wear business pro all the time, so I had an idea it was going to be strict. It’s really not that bad, they are just cracking down on us a lot this year which makes it a little less fun but… it’s what you make it.


HC: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

OJ: OH MY GOODNESS! I got picked up by security at Que Cab and escorted out and I didn’t even do anything, I got lied on. It was in front of like people you just don’t want to have that happen in front of, especially if you’re trying to build a good reputation. I ended up getting back in the club, which was fine, but it was just the fact that I really did nothing wrong.

HC: So what did they say happen at Que Cab?

OJ: He wanted me to go off stage, but I was basically off the stage [and] we weren’t in their section. I think it was because he kept making eye contact with me so he just thought he could go on a power trip, like he was just trying to abuse his power. At the end of the day my cousins were there, cause they’re Que’s and I was selling tickets, so I had the right to be up there. My cousin said what happened and he tried to say I slapped him.


I was like, “Where’s the police? Where’s the video? Why would I slap him?” I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even cuss him out. That was embarrassing because people to this day are asking me what happened.

HC: If you could be in any music video what would you be in?

OJ: I want to be in a video where some R&B singer is serenading. I would be in Let Me Love You by Mario.

HC: What is a quote you live by?

OJ: “Let go and let God.”

HC: Has it been a culture shock coming all the way from Inglewood to Hampton?

OJ: Not really honestly. I was in Northern Virginia for 5 years, [and] Inglewood is [more] like city, people are fashion forward. Here, outside of the school is VERY boring but inside of the school people are very fashion forward, they’re lit, some people have the same slang. People come from everywhere and bring their own culture so it’s like a melting pot but when you go off campus it’s SO different.

HC: Do you miss home?

OJ: Yeah I miss home, I guess. I miss the things [like] shopping and friends but I’m making friends here.

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