Fabulous Freshman: Kayla Holmes

Lets start the year off right with a very talented and beautiful freshman. Our first fabulous freshman Kayla Holmes! Kayla is a freshman cheerleader from Maryland whose major is yet to be decided leaving her open for many opportunities.

HC:  How did you hear about Hampton University?

KH: I heard about Hampton from my other friends that applied and I knew for sure I wanted to go to an HBCU so I began to look deeper into Hampton.

HC: How are you maintaining your friendships back home?

KH: I talk to them on the phone when I can but my best friend from back home is actually my roommate here so when I’m not with the friends that I made on the cheer team ‘m with them.

HC: How is it being a new freshman on the cheerleading team?

KH: Its fun because I am a freshman and it’s cool coming into the school year actually being apart of something. It can be difficult because I have to manage my time and I’ve been struggling with learning the moves a bit but it all comes with time.

HC: Do you think your high school prepared you for college?

KH: I think it prepared me little bit but college goes more in depth with the subjects that I did have in high school.

HC: What has been your best part of freshman year so far?

KH: So far this year has been really fun , I’ve made a lot of friends and I think I’m finally coming out of my shell

HC: Do you have your eyes on any freshman boys?

KH: No not really , the ratio of boys to girls isn't really good so I haven't been looking.

HC: Are you looking forward to homecoming ?

KH: Yes I am , I’m looking forward to all the parties and just seeing how the campus gets around that time.

HC: Did you enjoy the first holland?

KH: Yes , I didn't stay the whole time though because  it was hot and I was very sweaty

HC: Tell me something interesting about yourself?

KH: I have a birthmark on my shoulder. Some people tell me it looks like cheetah print other people say it looks like a rose. I think It makes me unique so If you see someone around campus with a birth mark on their shoulder thats me say hi my name is Kayla.