Fabulous Freshman: Ayana Iman

This week’s Fab Freshman is Ayana Iman! Ayana is a freshman majoring in Broadcasting Journalism from Chicago.  Miss Ayana is Miss Globe Illinois US in 2017 and has been featured on endless articles, runway shows and even on the Steve Harvey show! Her fierce attitude and endless accomplishments has made her Fab Freshman this week! Keep reading about Ayana Iman to learn more about this Fab Freshman!

HC: What made you decide to come to Hampton? 

AI: I decided to come to the real HU because I loved the unity and family-like atmosphere. Out of all my college visits, Hampton's campus stood out to me the most and gave me the home feeling I knew I would need going so far away.

HC: If you could be a color what would it be? 

AI: If I were a color I would be pink for two obvious reasons. 1. Because my favorite color is pink. My entire room is pink and all of my electronic devices (phone, iPad, Apple Watch) are pink. I am pink and pink is me. 2. Because the color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love, understanding, and overall kindness which is everything I stand for. While pink is a very calm color it also has different shades that are vibrant and I feel that's the perfect way to describe me, subtle but vibrant.

HC: What do you look for in a guy? 

AI: I look for ambition, goals/standards, intelligence, overall confidence, respect toward women, and how he keeps up with himself. 

HC: Where's your favorite place to shop? 

AI: My favorite place to shop is Kloset Envy or Pretty Little Thing. The pieces are cute but still affordable. 

HC: What would you describe your style of dressing? 

AI: I would describe my style as very classy and girly but still edgy. I usually manage to throw in some heels with whatever look I have but I also know how to switch it up. One day I can have on some boyfriend jeans, a hoodie, and boot heels. The next day I could have on a skirt, heels, and a fur leather jacket then the other day I could have on a denim skirt, some sneakers, and a shirt with a bomber it all depends on my mood that morning.

HC: When messy stuff happens in friendship/relationships, do you make up or "break" it up? 

AI: Truthfully, I "break" it up then make up weeks or months later. I am an Aries and I am very stubborn so my first instinct is to always cut it off but I always end up giving people the benefit of the doubt and try to relate to their side and why they did what they did. Depending on what happened it may take me a while to mature and get over it but once I'm over it it's like it never happened.

HC: Are you interested in any upper-class men or vice versa? 

AI: A few have caught my eye.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AI: In 10 years, I see myself expanded as a brand and as a successful public figure in the entertainment industry and the modeling industry. With the help of God, I will have my own talk show and clothing line while also producing an original series by me on television. 

HC: What celebrity do you look up to the most?

AI: A celebrity I look up to the most is THE Tyra Banks. I look up to Tyra because she's everything I want to be in life. She's accomplished with a college degree, a well-known actress, model, talk show host, cosmetic line owner, and college professor. I relate to her because I have a lot I want to do in my life and different career paths and everyone tells me I have to choose one. She is a living example of a person doing anything they set their mind to.