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Kayla Smith

Fab Freshman: Maya Lee

This week’s Fab Freshman is Maya Lee! Maya is a first year pre-nursing major from Laurel, MD here at Hampton University. She may seem quiet at first, but once you get to know her you learn she is a fiery and energetic young lady and is someone you don’t want to mess with. Keep reading to get a closer look into her life!

Black girl posing
Kayla Smith

HC: What made you choose nursing as your major?

Maya: As a nurse, you have to be very caring and love what you do. Yet, not everyone who enters this profession is capable of doing this job. I felt, knowing the kind of person that I am, that I would be able to fulfill that role and provide a sense of comfort and trust between me and my patients.

HC: If you could be any animal or insect, what would it be and why?

Maya: I would be a butterfly because they’re so peaceful, beautiful and unique in their own special way.

HC: Who do you think has shaped you into the person that you are today and why?

Maya: I would have to say my mom. Anytime that I felt like giving up or like I couldn’t do it anymore, she’s always there to keep me going and push me forward.

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Kayla Smith

HC: What is something that you’re very passionate about?

Maya: I would definitely have to say my family. 

HC: What is a motto that you live by and why?

Maya: YOLO because when I make decisions that I’m not sure about, I just say YOLO and that helps me to not dwell on it. Life goes on so there’s no time to really trip over the past.


We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Maya a little bit better. Dm us with who you think should be our next Fab Freshman!

Kayla Smith

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Kayla Smith is a sophomore journalism major from Columbia, MD. She enjoys writing, listening to music and traveling. She is very excited to be attending Hampton University and to expand her skills at her illustrious HBCU.
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