Fab Freshman: JoJo

Jordan or “Jojo” is a Freshman Pre-nursing Major from Dallas, Texas, and enjoys taking naps, watch Netflix, and hanging out with friends! Read more to learn about what the amazing and beautiful Jordan has to offer!

HC: What has been the highlight of your Hampton experience so far ?

Jojo: The highlight of my Hampton experience is when I solidified by friend group on campus. I loved how when we came back from Christmas Break we all missed each other and how much closer as a group we were able to become.  


HC: What advice would you give  incoming freshman?

Jojo: I would say get outside of your comfort zone and get as involved as you can. You are going to have much more fun if you get involved and try new things!


HC: What are some qualities you look for in a Hampton Man ?

Jojo: I don’t feel like a Hampton Man is a thing. I have personally not seen the consistency in that lol, But I do look for someone who is respectful and sweet and someone who is personable and has a good personality.


HC: What are some organizations you are involved with on campus?

Jojo: I am in Women's Caucus, Student Union Board, Service Spree and a mentor for Strength of a Broken Woman.


HC: What is Strength of a Broken Woman and explain how you got involved with the movement.

Jojo: I got involved in SBW through Service Spree and I was doing tutoring with some of the girls and it turned into us having deep conversations. Ashanti who is the founder of SBW approached me, and asked me to join. In SBW, we get a group of girls from a middle school and high school and we mentor them. We also have workshops, and one of the workshops I have led is on friendship. We are working on how to navigate friends groups, and teaching them that the people in your circle are a reflection of you.



HC: Describe Your Style.

Jojo: My style is very comfortable. I am here for the comfort! I also wanna look cute. My least favorite thing is jeans, I prefer leggings or a dress or high waisted pants over jeans any day! Overall it’s comfortable and cute!


HC: What are some goals you have before you graduate at Hampton?

Jojo: Before I graduate Hampton, I want to have at least one leadership role in the organizations I am involved in, and I want to start my own organization on campus.


HC: How do you feel about Hampton’s “popping out” culture?

Jojo: My sister went here before I went here. I knew what to expect: come correct or don’t come at all! For me, I like it. I went to a place where you just threw on stuff, but you feel good when everyone is looking cute. Hampton students will hype you up, and I like the pop out culture. I  also like that somebody is gonna gas me when I get to where I need to go!


HC: What are your summer plans?

Jojo: This summer I am taking a class back home, and I will also be working. Making money and learning!


To keep up with Jordan follow her on instagram @jojocosey!