Fab Freshman: Abigail Matthews

This week’s fabulous freshman goes to Abigail Matthews. Abby is first-year Strategic Communication major from Baltimore, Maryland, who is quite the extrovert, and not like any other. You might have seen her strutting down the runway or the street. She is one individual who stands out from the rest by her style and personality. Get to know more about Abby in HerCampus’ sit down with her.


HC: Being a Strategic Communications major, what is it that you want to do after your four years here at Hampton?

AM: I would like to eventually become a photojournalist. That way I can fulfill two of my dreams- being a photographer and traveling the world, and getting paid at that.


HC: Describe your freshman year so far.

AM: Freshman year definitely has had its ups and downs but at the end of the day, I will say this was an experience that I needed because it taught me a lot about myself individually.


HC: If you had a Hampton bucket list, what would be some things you want to do before you graduate?

AM: One, to pull off a pixie short haircut and to get an internship. I want an internship where I can learn how to take photos for magazine companies and learn what they’re looking for and not looking for.


HC: We always see you giving us everything and more during the fashion shows here at Hampton, what made you get into modeling, and what is your favorite part of every show?

AM: I started doing fashion shows at my performing arts high school. Those were taken very seriously. So far at Hampton, I’ve modeled for the homecoming and freshman week fashion show. However, my favorite part of every show is the end result and presentation. It’s one thing when you are working towards something but then when the audience is there, it makes everything worth it.



HC: What makes you different from everyone else?

AM: My exterior matches my interior. A lot of people tend to put on a facade, but I make sure my actions reflect my thoughts.


HC: Do you have any advice for anybody struggling with their confidence?

AM: Just know that nobody can do anything like you. Strive towards what and who you want to be.


HC: Describe your style.

AM: Undefined. Honestly, I don’t try to fit into any one category because I feel that if you do, you’re boring.



HC: Who is a celebrity that you look up to?

AM: Pharell, because he stays true to himself. He has a whole brand called “I am other”, which embraces the differences among groups of people. I don’t see any other artist doing what he is doing. He is multitalented. He’s a producer, a songwriter, a singer, a mogul. PERIOD.


HC: Since your freshman year is coming to an end, what advice do you have to incoming freshman next semester?

AM: Choose your friends wisely. Get involved. The chances you don’t take now, you will regret. Don’t be hesitant and just go for it. Don’t follow the crowd, and do what makes you happy, but still get involved in something.


That’s everything you need to know about this week’s FAB freshman Abby. Follow her on Instagram @abby.bomb to keep up with her and what’s she doing.