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The first day of fall was September 22, and if you haven’t noticed already the temperature has dropped, the leaves are slightly turning that yellow color, and of course, Spooky “szn” is almost here. Personally, this is my favorite season, Summer is too hot and Winter is just too cold, but that short period of time between Winter is just the perfect weather to wear a nice t-shirt with a black undershirt and some blue jeans; or a tan lettered cardigan with some heels. Whether you want to go for a nice retro 70s look and let that afro out, or for a nice streetwear look with some Dunks or Jordans; the best time to do it is during the fall. So, I’m going to list a few style essentials you need for your fall season.

Sweater Vests

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I love them! I love them! I love them! The great things about a sweater vest are that you can accomplish almost any aesthetic with it. Get an oversized sweater vest and white button-up combo with a pairing skirt or pair of slacks and you give the “old age” aesthetic or pair it with a nice oversized white t-shirt and dress pants and just like that “streetwear” aesthetic. Just so versatile, this is definitely at the top of the must-have list.


Did I not mention that fall is HOODIE season! Blue, Black, Brown, Blue it’s the perfect season to throw on and go about your day. Pair it with some jeans, cargos, or pants, and put on some Jordan, dunks, vans, or New Balances. Not only is it a way to stay warm but it’s a way to stay warm in style. If your collection of hoodies doesn’t take over 50 percent of your closet, let me be the one to tell you right now you need more!

Puffer Coats or Vests

Okay, so I technically don’t have this in my wardrobe yet, but it’s a must-have. I know if you’ve thought about “improving” your wardrobe or going for more streetwear look you’ve gone on Pinterest; which is riddled with so many variations on how to style puffer coats or vests. Layers with a long sleeve turtle neck, some gold chains, leather boots, and a black vest; or hear me out a denim jacket, plaid button-up, and colored vest with blue jeans to give a “Back to the Future” type energy


Considering I pair jeans with almost all of my outfits, and even the ones I mentioned here. I probably should’ve led with these; three types of jeans must be in your closet to complete the fall look, and then we can add on: dark wash blue skinny jeans; wide leg light wash mom jeans; and lastly bell-bottom jeans (doesn’t matter the wash); those alone are going to give you at least 20+ outfits, regardless of aesthetic.

Trench Coats

Lastly, trench coats; the great thing about trench coats is that they can be almost any color, any length, and can be put on literally whenever or on whatever. Black, tan, or gray is the perfect “coat” for that fall weather.

Well, of course, this wasn’t every essential you’ll need for this upcoming fall season; however, it was a small snippet of some items I found essential. Besides, fall isn’t only about the clothes, don’t forget Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, or those Pillsbury spooky-themed cookies.

Hi everyone my name is Oluwatomilayo Akintunde, but I go by (Tomi), I'm a first year kinesiology major, minoring in Spanish; and I'm from North Jersey.
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