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Do you like them or are you just bored? 10 signs to know the truth (or at least some context)

Love is a complicated matter, especially if you are going through the motions of life like any other college student. After being in class all day and doing homework you may wonder who’s gonna take you out of that monotony. You may think that you haven’t been susceptible to this but sister, yes you have. We all get bored and maybe even want to believe in the fantasy of someone coming to rescue us, but as mentioned in More Than Enough “the good and bad news; no one is coming to rescue you”. After going through the questions hopefully it can give you a better sense about how you feel, let’s get started

Do you talk to them in your free time or do you make time for them?

There is a major difference though subtle , people only make time for the things they care about.

Can you double text them?

You may think it’s random but hear me out we all know the game you play when you’re talking to someone, it’s almost an eye for an eye method you send a short message and keep the pattern going, then when you really start vibing with someone you start texting multiple times because you get more comfortable ps if you go through your old message you may see this 

What time do you mostly text them?

In the words of Spongebob, nothing good happens after 8:30

When was the last time you guys went on a date?

It is a panoramic however you can get creative

Do they fulfill your love language?

More in terms of do they fulfill you emotionally

When was the last time you did something randomly for them? 

Have you sent them a tik tok or a Twitter meme because you knew it would make them laugh or call them out of the blue because you were thinking of them 

When was your last relationship, let’s be honest now?

If you just got out of a relationship or haven’t been one in  a really long time, what made you want to talk to them. Did you want to get over the old person? Did you want to meet someone new or do you miss just being in a relationship with someone?

Do you compare them to someone else?

Comparison is neither good nor bad, however, if it is constant that may be something to think about

Have you taken pictures with them, and not to show off on instagram?

Showing off a significant other is a nice way to show them off. However if you’re trying to prove something, yikes

Name a few things that you hate about them, are they deal breakers?

We all have deal breakers and if you not sure, think about the kind of thing/ ideas you avoid in people

With so much pressure to be in a relationship, I think we often rush into them without much consideration of our own true feelings. The last real question after everything is Do you really like them or are you just bored?


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