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“Do It” Remix – Review and Thoughts

This past Friday, sister duo Chloe x Halle announced that they were releasing a remix to their popular R&B song “Do It” from their sophomore album Ungoldly Hour. They’ve had an amazing summer by having the chance to perform their album at the US Open and VMA Awards. This time the duo would be alongside popular artists Doja Cat, Mulatto, and City Girls. Now, I loved “Do It” so I was interested to see what a remix would be like. Lo and behold, I was surprised by the outcome of the remix with its audience. Many enjoyed the song and praised the artists, while others thought that Chloe x Halle should have just kept the original. Personally, there were some moments that I loved and surprised me. So with that said, let’s get into the review!

From the start, I loved the artwork from the cover. I thought the outfits were beautiful and thought they stood out in front of the background. I also noticed that the orange background was similar to the one used in the original “Do It” music video. Once seeing this, I got pretty excited to listen to the song.

At the beginning of the song, we’re met with the beautiful harmonies of Chloe and Doja Cat. You can also hear the other featured ladies in the opening lines. While I wasn’t too familiar with the work of Mulatto and have only heard a few of City Girls’ songs, I was quite interested to hear their verses. After the opening verses of Doja Cat, I thought she nailed it! Her versatility is unmatched and I love how she played into the tone of the song. I also enjoyed the background vocals throughout her verse.

Next, Chloe and Halle were up with their original verses from “Do It”. However, we skip Halle’s first verse and head into the pre-chorus and chorus, this time with the addition of Doja Cat’s adlibs. After the chorus, we’re met with Yung Miami and JT. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Yung Miami’s verse and thought she was offbeat at first. I did enjoy JT’s verse and her reference to Roddy Ricch. I enjoyed how City Girls brought their own twist to the song.  After the City Girls, it was Mulatto’s time to shine. I thought her verse was sweet and I loved her reference to the popular phrase “Not the Bayang!”. 

Right after the last chorus, Chloe and Halle begin two new verses. It’s a delicate addition to the song and beautifully fitting for the outro. I loved the effect that the two new verses had on the theme. Overall, I’m appreciative of the collaboration between these amazing artists. Each of whom have been releasing their own music throughout the summer. While each artist interpreted the message differently, the song continues to give off the message of the importance of self-love and friendship. The song continues to promote girl power and black girl excellence. I’m excited to see where these amazing artists end up during award season, and I can’t wait to see this song in the charts!

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