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Let me start off saying that I do not speak for the entire women gender, so, before reading this article, please understand that results may vary. However, I have included the opinions of a few trusted women, so this article is not completely one-sided. So, take this advice lightly and remember that everyone is different.

Make a Move

I know as a society we have evolved from men always making the first move, but it still feels good for a man to “shoot his shot.” It’s so annoying when there’s flirting coming from both sides, but no one is bold enough to make the first move. Then months pass, and no one acknowledges there was a mutual attraction between both people…wasted potential.

Let Us Vent

Every day will not be super easy and sometimes we just need to release our emotional baggage. I find it very useful to ask a woman if she wants your opinion on the subject, or does she just need a listening ear, because sometimes we do not need/want your opinion.

Social Media Gives Hints

Even though social media can be a bit toxic in relationships, there are some advantages to it. For example, twitter literally gives you access to the people you follow likes and retweets. If she is constantly retweeting flowers or chocolate strawberries, that is a clear indication that she enjoys these items. So why not surprise her?

Take the Hint

Women are not confusing people; I feel like we leave very obvious hints. Especially, when we do not like you. If a woman is being dry or not texting back for hours, she is not interested. She is just trying to be nice about it. This goes for in person conversation as well; if the only thing a woman has to offer to a conversation is “cool” she is NOT interested.

Don’t Make Everything Sexual

I think one of the biggest turns offs for women is a man who always has to involve sex in a conversation. Men who immediately want to link up to have sex are bottom of the barrel quality. If a woman is genuinely trying to learn more about you and you bring up something unprovokedly sexual…you will get ghosted.

Date Her

I know covid-19 has reduced the amount of people dating, however, women are not satisfied with text relationships. If you truly want to get to know a woman, ask to hang out with her. There are plenty of Covid safe date options available such as museum dates or picnic dates. If the woman you are currently interested in lives far away, set up an online movie date or virtual dinner date.

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

Chivalry is not dead.  Let’s say a woman thinks two guys are cute; one of them only texts her at night and plays hard to get, while the other one checks in on her throughout the day and when they meet up, he has flowers waiting for her. Now if she has good sense, she will go with the guy who brought her flowers because women prefer men who apply pressure.

We Are Not Materialistic

Most women are very well aware that most men are not “baller shot callers” (if you are coming my way). So, we do not expect you to ice us out like Quavo does Saweetie. Honestly, it’s the thought that counts. If you are thinking about me while you’re shopping and you pick me up a bouquet of flowers, that’s an automatic win in my book.


Communication is definitely one of the biggest downfalls in most “situationships” or relationships. For example, if you are no longer interested in her, just tell her. Women hate when men say “I’m not ready for a relationship” but have a new girlfriend two weeks later. Women understand that there is a loss in attraction, however, when you choose to lie about it, it becomes hurtful. Simply just tell the truth. 

Learn the Woman You Are Interesed In and Do Right By Her

If you are taking the time to read this article, you are already on the right steps to understanding women. Number 10 is the most important because the woman you are interested in might not agree with any of the things I listed, however, it is up to you to know her the best.

Sydney Broadnax

Hampton U '23

Hi friends! My name is Sydney Broadnax and I am currently a third year journalism major and english minor from Detroit, Michigan. In my free time, I like to binge watch my comfort shows and read.
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