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Y’all… the homecoming fashion show this year was IT and no one can tell me otherwise. First of all, do you see this intro right here?! Like I don’t really know how cold you can get with Hampton’s very own New Era Fashion Modeling Troupe. They shut it DOWN. Every. Time. 



This time was no different. Now we’re going to get into my favorite designers from the show and there are no hard feelings if your designs didn’t make it into the article. (Frankly if your design didn’t make it into here, it’s because I failed to get good pictures of the models because they were walking too fast and yes, all of the pictures in this article were taken and edited by yours truly. Period.)



We’re going to start the review with Diggs Denim. Diggs did that okay? Look at the material. Do you see the details? We love a good distressed jean jacket and painting denim is one of Diggs’s specialties. We love to see him expanding to jeans themselves rather than just jean jackets. Then we have mans on the right with the paneled jeans. This is a design I’ve seen before but I like the way Diggs did it, covering over half of the legs rather than just the knees.


Now let’s get into this right here. First of all, shorty on the left had the stank face on her whole walk and I was HERE FOR IT. Let them know that we don’t play! I also looooove the paneled overalls with the vertical distressed jeans rather than horizontal. This is the first time I have seen jeans distressed vertically and I was honestly trying to figure out where my pair was. Then we have this jean jacket on the right with the billowing but distressed sleeve, while it is cropped in the front. When I get my body confidence up, this is most definitely a look I would wear but in the meantime, shorty got it.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_2937-2.jpg

Bleached denim. That’s it. That’s the tweet. This design was different to me and I feel as if Diggs is creating some new styles with the denim material and everyone needs to get into it. ../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_2947-2.jpg

I know I barely got the skirt, but do y’all see that? First of all, sis is serving face, but the distressed panels on the skirt provide a casual but cool look. Then add the shoe lace tie in the front? It screams “I’m a bad b*tch you can’t kill me!”


I can’t leave my guys out. Mans up top had the distressed AND the colored/bleached jeans and he finna have the shorties like oh he differenttttt. Frankly I would wear it too if we got a little more slim fitness going on with it. I have to serve a little curves every now and then ya know? Then with the jean at the bottom, the only reason it’s really special is because of the painted design, which probably was not easy to do. I love the detail so now I’m just trying to figure out how to wash it because I’m not trying to wash that paint right off and have to pay for another pair!../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_2956-2.jpg

Ok now shorty right here?! She was serving everything and a bag of chips then made it rain on everybody with that little bundle of money in her pocket? That’s a period. Then we once again have the painting on the left wrist of the jean jacket along with the striped design on the jacket. We love to see the artistry and pair it with a good ripped jean? Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner!../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3015-2.jpg

Now let’s look at the hair show that happened during the intermission of the fashion show. The hair show was brought by Impressions of Beauty and the styles were done by Ariana’s Canvas. This was my ABSOLUTE favorite style. I’m getting Left Eye, I’m getting 90s, I’m getting A LOOK. Do y’all see the twinbeads?! Scrunchies? Edges? The color? The talent? The beauty? Wig=GONE. Let me make my hair appointment right now because I promise you, I will rock this style right now.


Now I know you can’t really see the hairstyle in this photo but I wanted to get into the makeup right quick. The lashes. The arched brows. The sunset orange. Don’t you know black women invented orange? You learn something new every day. Either way, the makeup artist is HIRED.


Now sis right here wasn’t even in the fashion show. She was an audience member who walked in a competition and she did that! Do you see the trench? The silk two-piece set? Another TLC vibe and I’m living for it. Give it to me right now and we’ll do a music video right now. “A scrub is a Hampton man with no love for mEEEeee.”



I really enjoyed the Epok Usa clothing collection, the colors were ON. Makeup: ON. Walks: ON. Design: ON. The addition of the white outline of the design really makes the color pop out even more and adds flavor.



Donte Dinero was cute, it gave me a lot of 90s vibes and who doesn’t love a good bling shirt? They had cropped shirts, sweatshirts, crewnecks, biker shorts and more. Bringing the 90s fashions to the 21st century fashion. Give me ALL the Baby Phat vibes ok? We love to see it, honestly. 


Now let’s hop into HBCU by Kels! Honey! And the owner/creator hopped in the show herself?? We stan! The fringe? Stan! The Beyoncé tribute? Stan! I’ve honestly been a fan of HBCU since it started up last year and I think the simplicity of the design is what I love about it.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3172-2.jpg

HBCU. Period. That’s it. That’s the tweet. There’s literally nothing else to be said. It’s a proud statement that doesn’t need any other words in all honesty. It’s a great way to celebrate historically black colleges and universities while having multiple color-blocks to add more of a statement to it. She just released the airbrushed tees and sweat suits and that’s another great way of showcasing HBCUs by taking it back to what many consider the peak era for the schools. Either way, take my money, or maybe I need to stop giving her money because I already have two sweatshirts and a shirt! ../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3186-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3194-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3205-2.jpg

The owner herself ladies and gentlemen. Kels. We are living for the hair. The makeup. The serve. The sweat suit that we will be wearing all throughout exam week. Give the people what they want! That’s on period!../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3212-2.jpg

Comma Crazy. Now Comma Crazy was interesting because there wasn’t just one consistent design besides the logo.


This is the logo as you saw in the first picture, and we can already see that they like to play with dark and soft shades of color. Also, let’s get into this winter coat. Now this is something that can keep me warm and dry okay? Then we’re not even going to get into the model wearing the coat, so let’s go ahead and move on. Thanks.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3228-2.jpg

../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3384-2.jpg “More commas less friends.” Sounds harsh, but I can get with that low key. We’re trying to get paper okay? Nobody has time to be broke out here and sometimes people hate on you for getting your paper. So, more commas, less friends. At least that’s my interpretation. Also, the makeup! Give. Me. Euphoria. Now it’s more subdued to be completely honest but I’m still feeling that and we love it. When you see me pop out and I have gems on my eyelids and all of that, I don’t want to hear ANYTHING.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3253-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3274-2.jpg

Last but certainly not least, Pish. Posh. This was one of my favorites out of the whole show. It was a favorite to the point that I bought something from the pop up after the show. Look at the corset. We’re cinching our waists, but still breathing ladies! I love the way all of the colors flow together. It’s a bright red plaid palette combined with neutral and dark colors, which flows together so well. I’m also a fan of the oversized shirts, which are always comfortable and the plaid since it’s getting colder is a winner. We just might have to add a good jean since we’re not getting pneumonia in winter 2019.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3262-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3278-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3296-2.jpg

Let us not forget the men! We have the simple tees, sweatshirts, the skull cap and the cross-body satchel that the guys love. Personally, I would wear everything he’s wearing. We do androgyny over here too! I love how all of the designers have options for men, women and whatever a person identifies as. There are great options to mix and match and it will honestly look good as long as you pair it with other great pieces.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3312-2.jpg../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3264-2.jpg

Clearly the Pish Posh girl loves her some plaid and the way that she deconstructs it and puts it back together works in a way you wouldn’t expect. I especially like the overly long sleeve because sometimes we forget our gloves as the temperature drops. Don’t judge, we’ve all done it before! But I’ve enjoyed the amount of bubble coats I saw in the show and the different takes on that piece of winter fashion.../Fashion%20Show/Fashion%20Show%20Edited/IMG_3286-2.jpg

We’re going to end the review on this note. If you are an aspiring fashion designer and think you have what it takes, get your stuff out there! Try to get into the homecoming or spring fest fashion show because you never know who is going to come and potentially see your work! The creativity of the designers blew my mind and the fact that there was a hair show in the middle of the show most definitely made this fashion show for the culture. Major props to the fashion show committee and everyone involved, from the models to the makeup artists, choreographers and designers! Your work is greatly appreciated and I can’t wait to see what is planned for spring fest!