Colorism and Kids


At one time, this post was dominating Instagram. Though it is not circulating as much as it was initially, the problem behind it is still very relevant. This post is a perfect example of fetishizing children. Mixed children, in particular, have fallen victim to this.

There are countless instagram accounts dedicated solely to mixed race children. One of the most popular accounts, “Mixedracebabiesig” has 280,000 followers and the majority of children posted fit a particular image - light skinned, curly hair (typically, types 1 - 3C) with blue, green, or hazel eyes. As we all know, mixed children do not all fit in that box. They are as diverse in appearance as anyone else. So, why are only those mixed children being portrayed?

It isn’t just a coincidence that around the same time black and hispanic women are being fetishized, mixed children are too. In other words, if hispanic women with long hair and green eyes are the “ideal woman” at the moment, a little girl with long hair and green eyes is the ideal child. People who fetishize children take their physical preferences for a partner and obsess over children who exhibit those same traits. They aim to have children that mimic the physical traits of people they would be sexually attracted to. This is unhealthy, not to mention disgusting.

The caption of the post reads, “This is why Spanish women and black guys go together...look at the production.”

Just the word choice should set off alarms in your head. Choosing a partner to “produce” a specific-looking child is not beneficial for anyone. Especially not the child.