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College Girl Quarantined on the Weekend


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic marked the beginning of a drastic global transition. With in-person exchanges limited, companies and schools resorted to virtual resources as a means to communicate. In regards to the health and safety of America, undoubtedly these technological adaptations were necessary. However, with campuses closing, and the forbidding of normal physical interaction, do the joys of the college experience dwindle to nothing? Was the anticipation of the Hot Girl Semester all for nothing? Before you settle to accept occupying your downtime with chips, a chunky blanket, and Netflix, all hope is not lost! Continue reading, and you’ll discover how to get a college experience, despite not being on a college campus. 

 Real involved student, care a lot ‘bout the sitch

Get involved! Campus organizations and virtual campus-wide events can make the most of your college experience, even off-campus. Getting involved can present opportunities for meeting fellow students, networking, and getting recognized in your schools’ community. However, it’s important to mention that simply joining an event or organization is not enough. In these virtual sessions, strive to be impressionable! Voice your opinions, offer suggestions, and pitch your ideas. Not only will the contributions you make help the organization, but accomplishing something as a part of a collaborative group can help you boost your confidence. Make your mark without lifting a pinky!   

Link with me? Who gon link with me?

Although you may be many miles apart from your roomie, bestie, fav, boo, or friend you haven’t yet met, the conversation doesn’t have to stop. Engaging in group chats, Zoom calls, and facetime can help to prolong the on-campus discussions you could’ve had. Spice up the conversation by bringing up random topics and curiosities, or try sending friends an activity that could be done via group facetime like a scavenger hunt, or a game of truth or dare. Tik Tok challenges, Triller battles, and Instagram Live’s can also help to expand your interactions, and allow you to meet others through public platforms. Use the technological resources we know and love, to keep connections alive and reinforce your school pride!  

Zoom calls and group facetime are not all that’s available for maintaining connections with college friends while in quarantine. Intimate outings are still acceptable, as long as you’re taking the necessary safety precautions. While still adhering to CDC guidelines, small gatherings such as brunch dates, outdoor picnics, and drive-in movies, are all appropriate means to interact physically, without jeopardizing your health or relationships.

Besides, without the noise of Ballin by Roddy Rich blaring on a speaker, people stumbling over your brand new 1s, or the girl in the bathroom taking forever to get out, you can focus on building genuine college bonds that can result in lifelong friendships. Get to know your peers on a personal level and create vivid memories through your experiences together! 

Reach into your mind, what’s it say now sis?

We often forget that the college experience is not solely about parties, and freedom from parent rules, but is also largely attributed to the mental, spiritual, and emotional growth you acquire while being a college student. The maturity one develops while cultivating college relationships and enduring college situations, independent of parents and authority, is a pivotal moment that can completely alter the trajectory of their future. Appreciate the opportunity that you have to embark on this journey by yourself, without any negative influences clouding your newfound perspectives and realizations. To aid in your progression, read some interesting material that answers questions you may have about society, history, or politics. Try to pick up a new hobby that allows you to express yourself without words and justifications. Perhaps talk to a mentor about how they were able to achieve their success.

All is not lost for your college experience. Whether it remains virtual or returns to the normalcy of in-person interaction, there are many ways you can ensure that you get the most out of your situation. To all my stallions and hotties, Happy Hot Girl Semester <3.


Kobi Spence

Hampton U '23

Kobi Alexa Spence attends Hampton University as a Business Management Major, with a double minor in Leadership Studies and Marketing. As well as being a member of HerCampus, Kobi is also the secretary of Black is Gold University Hampton University chapter, and a member of the Caribbean Pre-Alumni Council. In her free time she provides makeup services for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty, and enjoys indulging in self-care and skincare. She also enjoys public speaking, advocating for minority groups, giving advice based on her personal experiences, and is looking to create a podcast or YouTube channel in the future to develop these passions.
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