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Closet Must-Haves for your Dream Job

Let’s face it. We all want a high paying job and career. Along with doing the part , you have to look the part. Personally, when I finish my degree I want to work with magazine companies and be an editor one day. This setting where my job will be is most likely in an office. Office attire has always gotten a bad rep. Even though you are clean and cut you look uncomfortable. With my Dream job being at a fun place of work such as a magazine office, the outfits speak more volume. Fashion is a big part of your brand. You shouldn’t dull your style due to work conformities. Here are some fashionable workplace outfits that are professional and cute!


1. Pastel Suits

Honestly, I find pastel suits so adorable because they show seriousness, yet playfulness. It shows you have a keen eye for taste without being unprofessional. Also, you can always pair the blazer and pants with another fit! 


2. Dramatic Trench Coat

Trench coats = business. Plus they are like super warm and cozy. These coats are perfect to show you mean business!


3. Suit dress



Not everyone can pull off a suit, but a suit dress? Looks great on almost all body types. The buttons really add a chic touch to the work environment without being too casual. Adding a briefcase and closed toed heels really set it off.


4. Off the shoulder blazer

An off the shoulder blazer is so adorable! It’s really professional yet stylish. If you decide to try it out, a cute collar shirt or blouse ties the look together.


5. Sneakers with Suit

Cute sneakers with suits is a total LOOK. So original and unique. It’s a really tasteful pair as long as you choose the right shoe. Converse and air Jordan 1s go great with most.


Blogger, Influencer, fashionista, and writer from Atlanta, Georgia! Hampton university 2023! First Year Journalism student Subscribe to my Youtube Channel : youtube.com/c/MyeshiaFlawless
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