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ChloexHalle: From Beyonce’s Proteges to R&B’s Next IT Girls

I vividly remember coming across the R&B sister duo that is now Chloe and Halle Bailey B.B. (before Beyonce). The year was 2012 and I was pursuing one of my favorite past times - watching Youtube covers. Before vlogs and mukbangs were a thing, underground artists would post covers to popular songs on their Youtube channels at the time. Most of the covers back then consisted of; Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry songs. (An era.) After getting wrapped up in the never-ending cycle of Youtube videos, I came across a video of two, young black girls around the same age as me then with shoulder-length dreads, doing a cover to Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, in the backyard of their house with Halle on the guitar. What had me lingering on their channel for the rest of the day was the way they so effortlessly harmonized on songs adding a unique, soulful, and sassy spin to each one. If you’ve ever listened to ChloexHalle, you know the sound I’m talking about. (If entering the gates of Heaven was a sound.) Now seeing them perform, Ungodly Hour, the title track on their sophomore album, virtually at the 2020 MTV VMAs in matching metallic outfits that complement their now full-grown figures, I’m relieved Beyonce and the rest of the music industry recognized the talent I too saw from those Youtube covers and gave them a seat at the table.

In 2014, Beyonce discovered the sisters on Youtube after watching their rendition to her Pretty Hurts. Being amazed by their talent and seeing potential, she offered them a million-dollar contract with her record label, Parkwood Entertainment which they signed to a year later.  Taking after Beyonce, the R&B duo quickly mastered the art of becoming entertainers, and multifaceted individuals proving to Queen Bey that she didn’t make a mistake taking a chance on them. Formerly seen as Beyonce’s proteges, ChloexHalle are coming out from behind Beyonce’s shadow and making a household name for themselves.

What I believe is their breakout album making them the artists of the year, Chloe and Halle dropped their sophomore album, the UnGodly Hour, back in June re-introducing themselves as grown women, no longer the innocent child stars we’re used to seeing them as. Making music for the unapologetically, grown women out there who know their worth, their recent performances give off that same energy. Knowing the power they have, they have been giving us straight fire harmonies, visuals, and outfits right after another with each performance. Don’t be surprised when they become R&B’s next superstars. They have proven this summer with each quarantine performance (recorded in the tennis court in their backyard), that they have what it takes.

In this house, we (been) stan the Bailey’s. I love the uniqueness and new sound they are bringing to the music industry that the world surprisingly is slowly accepting with open arms. They are constantly giving us something we’ve never seen before, and make a conscious effort to outdo themselves every time. (What can you really expect from two of the only artists on Beyonce’s record label.) As they are quickly rising to fame, they continue to stay true to themselves and their roots, and not just the natural locs in their hair. 

In addition to killing it the music industry with Grammy awards nominations, Chloe and Halle are also taking over the entertainment industry starring on Freeform’s Grown-ish, and appearances in other shows. Halle Bailey is currently in the process of filming The Little Mermaid with her role as Ariel, becoming the second Black, Disney princess. 

Being a young, black woman, it’s very exciting to see these two grow, and see what life has in store for them.  

Raven Harper

Hampton U '22

Raven Harper @raejhene is a Graduating Senior at Hampton University studying Journalism and Marketing. She serves as the campus correspondent over Hampton's chapter. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking new things, iced coffee and endless scrolling on pinterest.
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