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Captain Budd: Mr. Pirate 2015-2016

Her Campus had the opportunity to interview Hampton’s newest Mr. Pirate, Gregory Budd, a Graduating Senior, history major from Woodbridge, Virginia. The Mr. Pirate Pageant graced the Ogden stage on Monday, Sept. 21. With three other contestants including seniors Montrey DeLoatch, Cameron Flores, and Corey Clay, Gregory was surprised when he was announced as the winner. “It was very surreal. I didn’t even realize I had been called until everyone started screaming,” Greg- as his friends affectionately call him- explained. After he went to student activities for his orientation, he realized this was a reality. He had become Mr. Pirate 2015-2016.

Photo Credit: Brett Harris

When asked why he wanted to compete for Mr. Pirate, Greg made it clear that he wanted to set the standard for the Hampton man and make a difference on campus. As the Royal Court’s mission is to serve the community, Greg’s goal is advocating health and fitness initiatives through his role as Mr. Pirate. Greg’s advocacy for health and fitness stems from his love for dance and spreading awareness after he was diagnosed with Skin Lupus his freshman year. After visiting the dermatologist for what he originally suspected as Eczema, he was later told he had a condition called Skin Lupus. Lupus.org describes the condition as a skin disease in lupus that can cause rashes or sores (lesions), most of which will appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, ears, neck, arms, and legs. Medical treatments can cure the issue, but it takes a while.

Photo Cred: Her Campus Contributor Joanna Rowell

Greg has expressed his advocacy through his many platforms on campus. He is the current Mr. Ivy representing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the head male dancer on Majestic Dance Troupe, and an active member of Men’s Caucus through SGA. Not only is he passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, the dancer is fully dedicated to sharing his gift and love for the art. He wants to give youth the opportunity to express themselves through movement and fine arts. Because of Greg’s need for expression we asked him if he was a sneaker or loafer guy. Although he loves loafers, he loves sneakers because of the creativity and variety. Greg loves to be creative and comfortable. His current shoe inspiration is the Adidas Flux’s.   

Photo Cred: Her Camps Contributor Joanna Rowell

Hampton University’s student body is welcoming Greg with open arms. The Virginia native’s motto is, “It is better to travel than it is to arrive.” He wants to show the Her Campus audience his appreciation. We quoted Greg saying, “Thank ya’ll for the opportunity to interview. I never had an interview so I feel special. I really am trying to make a difference and I appreciate ya’ll.” As HU crowned the new Ms. Hampton, Brittany Harper, last night, we asked Greg what he expected to be the result. “Honestly I was rooting for a lot of contestants because we’ve grown up together on this campus the past 4 years. It was going to be a surprise to see who won because the competition was so stiff but I’m excited to start the position with Brittany because she’s so enthusiastic. We’re about to change the game.”

Mr. Budd will be leaving his legacy as Mr. Pirate 2015-2016 and that’s a great accomplishment. We asked Greg what his favorite Hampton memory was besides this crowning achievement. His favorite memory happened his freshman year when he met two famous dancers, Hampton Alumni, Fresh Redding and Rob Rich who now dance for artists of the caliber Will-I-Am and Major Laser. Gregory can’t wait to reach such an achievement. It’s nowhere to go but up!

Socorro Kenoly is a senior, Strategic Communication major in Hampton University's Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. Socorro is a proud Hamptonian hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.
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