Campus Cutie: Tayliour Martin

This week's campus cutie is Tayliour Martin, a sophomore Journalism major from New Jersey.


HC: What organizations are you involved in on Campus?

Tayliour: Majestic Dance Troupe and NAACP.


HC: What made you want to join Majestic Dance Troupe?

Tayliour: I have a passion for dance, and I wanted to join a dance group. Everyone was telling me about this dance team, so I decided to tryout for the team and ended up making the team. I’ve been on Majestic for two years now.


HC: What is your favorite art form of dance and why?

Tayliour: Liturgical Dance. Which is a type of dance you do in church. Dancing for the Lord is my favorite type of dance. It’s just me and the lord and dancing for his people.



HC: Does certain music impact the way you dance?

Tayliour: Yes, certain music does impact the way I dance because depending the genre of the music it brings out different dance moves.  


HC: How do you keep yourself afloat when under pressure?

Tayliour: Prayer is the key. Whenever I’m under pressure I go straight into prayer.  


HC: What has been your most defining moment so far at Hampton University?

Tayliour: Honestly, joining Majestic was the best moment. I made friends on this team who became like sisters to me. I was a shy person before I came to Hampton and this dance team brought me out.


HC: How do you manage to keep your hair healthy and flowing?

Tayliour: I don’t really do nothing to my hair but use Cantu and Mielle Organics products. They have kept my hair healthy and putting less heat on my hair.


HC: What do you look for in a guy?

Tayliour: Someone who is smart, thoughtful, and respects women. A guy who knows what he wants in life and is going in the right direction. A guy who is well dressed, smells good, and keeps himself together physically and mentally.


HC: If you had a theme song that correlates with your life, what would it be?

Tayliour: "Journal" by Casey J.


HC: Regarding the portrayal of black love in media, how do you feel about it?

Tayliour: I love black love. It gives us hope in our culture.


HC: What has been your greatest life lesson that you have learned?

Tayliour: One of my greatest life lessons is learning to speak up for myself and not letting people take my kindness for weakness.



Follow Tayliour on Instagram at @flawlwss_tayliour