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Campus Cutie: Sydney Shaw

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.


This week’s Campus Cutie, is the one and only, Sydney Shaw! Sydney is a graduating senior studying Strategic Communication with a minor in Criminal Justice from Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of Sydney’s hobbies is striking a pose and flicking it up for the camera. Sydney Shaw is very outgoing, loving, and an amazing person!

HC: What is the one thing in the world you would change and why?

SS: One thing I would change in the world is the systematic oppression in prisons. I think the prison system is very corrupt in the way they operate on the inside. They are always finding ways to keep African-Americans in prisons without any possible way of getting out.

HC: Who inspires you the most?

SS: My mom inspires me the most because she is a single parent who has raised three kids. She was able to retire from the military after 24 years as a Master Sergeant while putting her kids through school all by herself. My mom really inspires me to be strong and ambitious since she didn’t give up on herself or us.

HC: What is your biggest regret in life?

SS: My biggest regret is not stepping out of my comfort zone when I could have. Being in college, there has been many activities that I could’ve done but I was too scared to participate in. If I could go back, I would encourage myself to do things that I could do even though I was afraid to put myself out there.



HC: What are your thoughts on the new patrol system in the Hampton Harbors?

SS: I think it is a hassle for students just to wait in a long line to get into the apartments, but I think it is effective because they aren’t just letting anyone in the Harbors.

HC: Since it is the year of the Ogre, do you think it has lived up to the hype that upperclassmen and alumni said it would be?

SS: No. I don’t think we have lived up to our legacy because we have had unfortunate events happen during school activities. However, this isn’t because of the OphiO class, it is due to other reasons. It sucks that this has to happen during our senior year but we are going to come back because it is the year of the Ogre!

HC: What advice would you give your freshman self? If so, why?

SS: The number one thing I would tell myself is that not everyone has your friend or holds your best interests at heart. Be cautious of those people who smile in your face, but aren’t really your friend. I say that because I have been in situations that people only want to use you for their personal gain, and that is not what true friendship means.



HC: If you have a Hampton bucket list, what would be the item you would cross off?

SS: Crossing Ogden Circle on the night before graduation, will definitely be an amazing moment for me to experience.

HC: Since you are very fashionable and are always taking pictures, do you aspire to be a model?

SS: It started off as just experimenting to see what looks cute together and developing certain ways to take pictures. Later, it then turned into a hobby and I began thinking I could really do this. I would like to see how far modeling could take me, but I know there is a lot of competition in that industry. However, I would like to make modeling more than a hobby.  

If you want to know even more about Sydney Shaw, be sure to follow her on her social media platforms!

IG: _seashaw

Twitter: _seashaw

Naya is a very outspoken, determined, and confident individual. She is currently studying at Hampton University, where she major's in Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing. A fun fact about Naya, is that she loves the Sex and The City series, and her favorite character is Carrie! One of Naya's dreams is to be an entertainment publicist as well as opening her own public relations firm. A phrase that Naya lives by derives from 2 Cor. 4:17-18., "This too, Shall pass.". Although life can get dark and discouraging, there are more blessings coming my way.
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