Campus Cutie: Holly Lewis

Name: Holly Lewis

Major: Journalism 

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Lodi, New Jersey

1. What's your zodiac sign?

I'm a Capicorn

2. Did you enjoy homecoming?

I enjoyed homecoming a lot!

3. What was your highlight moment of the week?

My highlight of the week was being able to interview the performers for our concert, that was exciting!

4. Are you single or taken?

I am single.

5. What is your longest lasting relationship?

I don't have a long lasting relationship, I guess three months.

6. Did you get any Homecoming bait?

I plead the 5th!

7. What's your plans after Hampton?

My plans after Hampton is to work at a radio station and to eventually become a radio personality.

8. Will you come back for future homecomings?

If homecoming is like this every year, I would definitely come back.

9. What do you love most about Hampton?

What I love most about Hampton is the diversity between students. You meet people from a lot of different backgrounds and locations.

10. Is this year still about #getlitorgetlost?

It is most definitely still #getlitorgetlost!