Campus Cutie: Ashlyn Jones '17

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie: Ashlyn Jones! Ashlyn is a third-year, Five-year MBA  major from Chicago, Illinois. We got to sit down with this beautiful spirit and talk to her about her Hampton experience so far and her current obsessions!

HC: What made you chose Hampton University?

AJ: My older siblings were a big factor. I saw what they were doing and how they loved the school. Also, I love the Five-year MBA Program. And the location! I’ve never been this far and Virginia is absolutely beautiful!

HC: What’s your favorite memory on campus so far?

AJ: DC was so much fun! I went for the Nation’s Classic football game against Howard. I’d definitely have to say that was the best memory. I was traveling with my girls, getting to experience the Hampton/Howard rivalry.

HC: How would you describe the Hampton Man?

AJ:  Most of them are gentlemen. They’re very polite. They’re definitely go getters and hard working. I’m very impressed by how many entrepreneurs there are around here. I really like that.

HC: What’s your favorite winter beauty accessory?

AJ:  My favorite beauty obsession would have to be a dark lipstick. I’ve been loving Limbo by ColourPop!

HC: What are your spring break plans?

AJ:  Panama City Beach with the girls, and then Orlando! So the first half will consist of partying with all the other spring breakers on the beach. And the next half will be a little more of a relaxing trip.

HC: If you could shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

AJ:  Fashion Nova! Honestly, that has been my new favorite spot online!

HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

AJ:  Wow, there’s too many! Well Odell Beckham Jr., by far. Also ASAP Rocky, I don’t have just one type.  But if I had to chose, definitely Odell Beckham Jr.!

HC: What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

AJ:  I like learning new stuff on YouTube and watching story times!

HC: What’s your favorite song right now?

AJ:  Either Wicked or Bye Bye by Future. They’re both on his new mixtape Purple Rain. I’m really loving that right now.

HC: How would you describe your perfect day?

AJ:  Wake up. Have a big beautiful breakfast. It has to be nice weather! I’d go shopping with all my friends. We’d go to the beach. Basically, a regular day if I lived in California! Then we’d end it with a wine night and my favorite tv show.

HC: What’s your dream job?

AJ:  I want to be a big event planner for a company. I don’t know what types of events right now. We’ll see!

HC: What do you enjoy the most about Hampton?

AJ:  I think we’re all around a really lit school. I like the location. But I really like the mix of people.

HC: Current obsession?

AJ:  Definitely ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks, Fashion Nova Jeans, and caesar salads!

HC: Favorite social media platform?

AJ:  OMG! Snapchat is my all-time favorite! Follow me @AshlynJo!