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There are many talented people on Hampton’s campus who are hustling to make their way to the top. This weeks Campus Celeb is Anya Hardeman, one of those people whose hustle does not go unnoticed. She is a second year psychology major from Oakland, California. Anya is the creator of “Anya’s Nail Bar” where she specializes in cute and affordable nails in the Hampton area. To learn more about Hampton U’s upcoming nail tech, keep reading.

HC: What is the name of your Business and how did you go about creating it.

AH: The name of my business is Anya’s nail bar. I was just coming up with a list of names and I wanted something creative that would stick. I felt like the name I chose was something people would remember.


HC: What made you want to start doing nails? Were you always into nails even as a young girl?

AH: Moving from California to Virginia, the nail shops here were no good to me. My nails would break fast and easy, and they would also charge by length. It was way too expensive for a college student. I decided to start my own nail business because I know women love to get their nails done and as college students we love to look cute for an affordable price. I wanted a business that people along with myself could relate to.


HC: What is the hardest part about doing nails?

AH: The hardest part about doing nails is learning the techniques because you have to be patient and precise. I’m still learning as the days go by but practicing everyday helps me get better each time.


HC: When starting your business was it discouraging? How did you remain positive and consistent?

AH: Yes, it definitely was because I had to teach myself. I was actually really terrible at first. Also, when you start a business you expect everyone to support you and that’s not always the case. I was so passionate about the business I was starting but a lot of my friends and even family members didn’t and still don’t support it. Not having the support I thought I would taught me that it’s ok to not have the support from people you except it from.


HC: Were your parents supportive of your business? Do they like the fact that you do nails in school?

AH: My mom supports me but also reminds me that I am in school for a reason and to not get side tracked. I also agree right now this is a side hustle for me but I would love for my business to become something big once I graduate.


HC: What is your favorite part about doing nails?

AH: My favorite part of the nail process would be when I freestyle a design. When my clients allow me to use my creative abilities to the fullest the end results are amazing. Knowing that no one else has the design I just made up is fulfilling to me.


HC: What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting a nail business or any business at all?

AH: Advice for anyone starting a nail business or any business at all would be to not give up. There will be A LOT of times where you feel like it’s never going to work and you’re not getting support or clients. It also won’t go away even when you start to feel a little bit of success, I am currently still feeling all of these things. I am still learning to trust and be in love with the process. Accepting consistent failures and practicing will help you turn into a better business owner. Lastly, do not look for support from your friends, if they do it, they will do it. Don’t give up and stick to what you love. Those who work hard will pay off soon enough, no success comes quick.

Anya can be contacted down below on her social media and website!





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