Campus Celebrity: TheCurlyFitChick

Meet your newest fitness and hair goals! Sydney Kirkland (also known as TheCurlyFitChick) is this week’s Campus Celebrit. Sydney is a fourth year, five-year-MBA student at Hampton. She hails all the way from the Midwest in a town right outside of Detroit. On campus, she’s a speaker roundtable lead in the School of Business and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is also a SheaMoisture brand ambassador, personal trainer and model. Read more to learn about how this curly girl rose to success while keeping her hair and body right!


HC: What inspired you to create your platform, TheCurlyFitChick?

SK: I used to watch YouTube videos, and I was just so inspired by everybody I watched. Then I thought to myself, Ok, let me start my own channel. After, I started to think about what I was interested in; and that’s health, beauty, and fitness. I’m also really into the natural hair movement. My friend, Naya Jacobs, actually helped me come up with the name: TheCurlyFitChick.

Photo: @eandrewmurray

HC: What Youtubers that influenced your channel?

SK: I used to watch natural hair channels like Lipstickncurls, Maya’s World, Naturalneiicey, Maghony Curls and Hey Fran Hey.


HC: Who is your fitspiration?

SK: I like Massy Arias (@massy.arias). Not because of her body, but because she focuses on how health is more than just an aesthetic. It’s about feeling great and being able to do certain things.


HC: Which artist, if you had to choose one, fills your workout playlist?

SK: Literally A$AP Rocky. I listen to almost only one song while running and that’s “Praise the Lord” by [A$AP Rocky]. I can literally make it through my whole workout just listening to that one song because it’s so motivating.


Photo: @thisiscisse

HC: How did you become a brand ambassador for Shea Moisture?

SK: So, I was actually telling somebody my goals of starting a YouTube channel. I was telling this lady about that and the opportunity came to her, then she told me to apply. From there, [SheaMoisture] loved my look and they loved me as a person. Now, I’m required to host events on campus and post to social media. Be sure to follow the page @sheamoisturehamptonu for giveaways and events!


HC: I know you love Shea Moisture because that’s your brand, but what are some other hair brands that you love?

SK: I really love Deva Curl. They have a salon, it's called DevaChan Salon, in New York; and I actually get my hair cut there. I absolutely love their products, but they are super expensive. So, I only use their products on special occasions. I also like Mixed Chicks. That’s a brand I used when I first went natural.

Photo: @xander.foto

HC: How was your natural hair journey? Did you have relaxed hair before you transitioned? 

SK: So, I’ve actually never had a relaxer. I remember going to the salon every two weeks to get it straightened. I used to be addicted to straight hair. Like, four years ago I would’ve never worn my hair like this.


HC: Netflix’s new movie, Nappily Ever After, features Sanaa Lathan as a successful black business woman that goes through a dramatic natural hair transformation. As a curly girl yourself, do you feel like this film was an accurate portrayal of black women’s struggle with loving their natural hair?

SK: Yeah, I think that’s very accurate. I went to a predominately white, all-girls high school and that’s another reason why I never wore my hair natural. I wanted to fit in. Like, straight hair was it! Coming to Hampton and being around more people like me helped me embrace my natural hair.


HC: Speaking of Netflix, are you binge-watching anything right now?

SK: I’m super busy, so I need to catch up on all of the new movies and shows. This isn’t on Netflix, but I need to watch Insecure. That’s one show that I need to catch up on.


HC: Back to working out -- what advice do you have for people who feel too shy to go to a gym?

SK: They can start working out in their room. Start off with body weight exercises like squats, push-ups and sit-ups. You don’t need equipment to work out. Body weight exercises go a long way.

Photo: @thisiscisse 

HC: We saw that you recently traveled to the Dominican Republic. What else is on your travel bucket list?

SK: I’ve actually been to a lot of places in the Caribbean. Now, I’m trying to venture out to Europe. So, in May when I graduate, I plan on treating myself to a month-long vacation in Europe. Greece, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Spain -- just different places over there. I’m going to start a travel-series blog.


HC: What are the next steps for you and your platform: TheCurlyFitChick?

SK: My goal is to work for Nike. I mean, I want to be a fitness model, but Nike is the number one company I want to work for. I’m open to working for other companies like Under Armour and New Balance. Eventually, I want to have my own gym. I also want to move my clientele base to A-list people, like celebrities. Just because I like working with serious people.


Be sure to follow this bomb natural-ista on social media: @thecurlyfitchick