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Campus Celebrity: Marian Rosario


Marian Rosario. Mare the Singer. MARE. Each name sounds fitting, but this one suits her best: go-getter. Mare is a persistent dream-chaser, a fervent artist, and a skyscraping goal-setter — and she’s just getting warmed up.


HC: How would you typically introduce yourself to someone at Hampton University?

M: My name is Marian Rosario. I am a junior, psychology major from Philadelphia, PA.


HC: When did you first discover your passion for singing?

M:  Music has always been a part of me, and I know that sounds cliché, but it’s so real. My mom always talks about how I started singing before I could even talk. So, I can’t really pinpoint when I discovered the passion because I’ve literally always felt it in me.


HC: What is your favorite track on your EP,  G.O.O.D. Girl, and why?

M: My favorite track on the EP is actually “Good Girl”. Since the beat is a sample of a song from the 70s, I really wanted to embody that kind of vibe while mixing [that era with today]. I was really out of my comfort zone when recording. I didn’t know how people would respond to it, but it turned out great!


HC: What’s your best advice for someone aspiring to get involved in the music industry?

M:  Be consistent with your craft. I learned the hard way that no one will fight for your dreams harder than you will for yourself, and it’s not that people don’t care, but that passion inside of you is something only YOU can feel. So, you have to stay committed to yourself no matter what obstacles and distractions come around.

HC: What inspires you to write songs? Do you ever get writer’s block, and if so, how do you handle it?

M: I’m very in tune with my emotions, so in other words, I’m pretty much always in my feelings. My brain is constantly flooded with thoughts and emotions about the people around me or the world in general, so to clear my mind, I put it all down on paper. I’m actually in a state of writer’s block right now, and it sucks. I’ve been meditating a lot and it’s been helpful, so we’ll see what happens.


HC: We know you’ve collaborated with artist MoThoro a few times, most recently, on his album Thorolyfe: Graduation. What’s it like working with him?

M: Yes, Mo is a great friend of mine! Working with him is always a good time. We definitely understand each other musically and the work shows for itself. It’s no doubt that he’s extremely talented, but he’s also just beyond down-to-earth. I can talk to him about anything, for real.


HC: What artists do you idolize?

M: I definitely admire Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé. I like to believe I’m their music child. The realness in Lauryn Hill’s writing and the rawness of her sound is something I aspire to do in my own work. Her music is timeless. Beyoncé is just Beyoncé. Her work ethic and determination is insane. She’s such a boss. I’ve always looked up to her.

HC: If you could describe yourself using a song by an artist other than you, what song would you choose?

M: A tough question! But I definitely would have to say “Window Seat” by Erykah Badu. That song embodies my true personality. I’m forced to be a people person, but in reality I’m very laid back and enjoy my alone time.


HC: What can we expect from you in the near future?

M: I’m currently filming the music video for my song “Option”, so be on the lookout for that really soon. My second EP entitled Seven will also be dropping this winter. I’m super excited about that, so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep bumping G.O.O.D. Girl!


HC: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

M:  My biggest accomplishment thus far has been simply pursuing my dream in music. It’s kind of a super big deal for me because I doubted myself for so long and I’m finally walking in my purpose with confidence.


Ayanna Maxwell

Hampton U '20

Ayanna Maxwell is a graduating senior, strategic communications major at Hampton University. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Ayanna chose to attend Hampton because she admired the HBCU experience. A proud Virgo, she shares a birthday with her favorite singer, Beyonce (September 4th). Ayanna is also a Spring 2018 initiate into the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.
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