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Manzel Bowman is a 23-year-old, graphic design major, from Long Island New York with a number of artistic talents. He is now taking the world by storm with his new inventive style of music that has many wondering if he will be the next big music producer.

Manzel is one of the many students at Hampton with special “celebrity-like” skills that he hopes will get him far in the long run.

Manzel’s many hobbies include; designing posters, making instrumentals, and producing videos. A majority of the videos feature Manzel as the main character, as he performs to the music, while wearing a mask. The reasoning behind the mask you ask? He would like to keep his character secret while still indulging himself wholeheartedly in his passion. He feels no need to be famous or to be known, and the mask represents that.

Manzel first came across his artistic abilities at the age of 4 when he first started drawing, over time this lead him to realizing that he could do much more in the art field than he had ever expected.

“At a certain point I realized I had to make everything that I did in my life based on art. Once I was able to add visuals this made it even better. I always enjoyed listening to music but once I was able to make it, it made everything more fun”, says Manzel.

Realizing that art was his passion, this lead to him becoming a graphic design major in college, this is also when he first started to produce his own music. He also raps in his free time, although his main focus as of now is production. 

He is a freelance rapper that enjoys putting up his incognito rap videos for the world to get a glimpse of his many talents.

Some of Manzel’s major influential artists include Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, and Sol LeWitt. He expresses that these are the artists he has always looked up to as a child, they play a major role in what he strives to do today.

He says that he enjoys making “hype tracks” that get others pumped. He explains that one of his main reasons for producing his music is to get others reaction to it. He loves making people feel energetic and what better way to do that than make good music?

“I personally enjoy making slower music for myself. Because I’m already internally hype so it calms me down”, he says.


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