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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

For many who do not know who Kelsii Robinson is, she is the creator of those cute HBCU shirts and sweatshirts you’ve seen around campus. Here at Hampton, Kelsii is a first-year Integrative Biology major from Philadelphia. On top of going to school to become a veterinarian, Kelsii is one of the few freshman entrepreneurs with a clothing brand. Keep reading to know more about this week’s campus celeb.


HC: As we are coming down to our last couple weeks left of school, how was your freshman year experience along with starting your business?

KR: Freshman year has been good. The first semester wasn’t the best, but it was okay. I will say, though, ever since I started my HBCU clothing brand around December everything has gotten a lot better. I have gotten to meet a lot more people and have had a lot more experiences. I’ve been more involved in Hampton than I’ve ever been, so I liked it.


HC: Where did the inspiration for your clothing brand come from?

KR: At my graduation trunk party from high school, I really wanted a cute set and came up with the idea of HBCU, and then my dad helped with the font and period. When I came here the first semester, everybody liked it so I continued on with it.



HC: Your brand has gotten pretty popular around campus, so how do you feel walking around with people in your clothes?

KR: It feels really good. Like when my friends and I are just sitting in the STU and I see somebody with their little HBCU gear, it’s so cute. It’s really cute.

HC: What has been the biggest lesson you have learned since starting your clothing brand?

KR: It’s not easy. This is all me. My parents help but, for the most part, it’s all me. I’m the only person that’s handling money, being relied on, contacted, etc. It gets difficult sometimes but it feels good afterward when you get all the work done and then you see the product of it and it looks and feels good.


HC: What are some goals you have for your brand looking towards the future?

KR: One was getting a website, but I’m currently working on one now. Another goal of mine was to expand my business to other HBCU’s beside Hampton and being able to go and visit them.

HC: What advice do you give to a young person wanting to start a business but scared?

KR: Just do it. I honestly didn’t think anybody would buy mine, that’s why I waited until December to do it, but if you believe in yourself then that’s really all the matters. Make people feel like whatever you are selling is something they need, not something you need them to buy.


HC: Being a black-owned business, why do you feel we as black people should support our own?

KR: Because we often give our money to the people who don’t do much for us and constantly bring us down, being the people who invest in them the most. It’s ridiculous. We need to invest in ourselves.


HC: Lastly, where can people get their HBCU apparel?

KR: You can get your apparel by dming me on Instagram @__kelsii_ _, and we can work together and get your HBCU apparel to you.

That’s it for this week’s Campus Celeb. Go support Hampton’s very own black business entrepreneur, Kelsii Robinson at her Instagram @__kelsii__. Also, follow her photography page @photosbykelz.


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