Campus Celebrity: Jasmine Goodwin

If you read The Script, attend campus fashion shows, and are affiliated with the Student Leadership Program at Hampton University, you will more than likely see Jasmine Goodwin putting in the work and effort to simply make things happen. Jasmine is a senior broadcast journalism major from Abington, Pennsylvania and is truly a Hamptonian that puts in work. Not only is she a co-facilitator of the Student Leadership Program, but she is also the campus co-editor of The Script which both require a lot of time and organization. Currently Jasmine is the coordinator of the homecoming fashion show and she is determined to make sure the event is like nothing Hampton has seen before. She is also a member of QUEEN, which is a mentoring program that reaches out into the community to have a positive impact on young girls in the Hampton Roads area.

Jasmine says her peers are the ones who inspire her the most. There is a sea of ambitious young people at Hampton University and she credits them as the ones who continue to inspire her to put in the long hours and work hard, if not harder. Jasmine’s ultimate goal after leaving Hampton is becoming a television personality, an author, director and producer. These goals may seem hard to reach but with the ambition, drive, and focus that Jasmine has the sky is truly the limit!