Campus Celebrity: Ashanti Johnson

This week’s campus celebrity is the high energy, and hardworking Ashanti Johnson!  Ashanti is a second year in the Five year MBA program from Atlanta, Georgia. In her free time Ashanti enjoys likes to cook, read, and meditate. Read more to learn about the fabulous Ashanti!

HC: What leadership roles do you take on at Hampton University?

Ashanti: I am The Vice President of Service Spree, and the head event coordinator of College girls Inc., and I am also the chief of staff of the Task Force, and the founder of The Strength of a Broken Women. I wear many hats lol.


HC: Tell us about how you thought of and started SBW, and what the organization is a whole?

Ashanti:  The strength of a Broken Woman  is a movement to empower women everyday while guiding them on a path to stable mental health. It is a mentorship program with local high school and middle school girls. It really got started based off of my life and is a reflection of what I’ve been going through. It is a reflection of me as I grow as a person, to help other women get through their struggles, and I want them to grow with me. College women always feel like we are always in competition, so my organization is made to try and eliminate that mind set.  

HC:  How do you feel about Hamptons “popping out” Culture? And how do you think it has affected you?

Ashanti: I’ve always been a girly girl so it has never affected me; I have always liked to dress up. So I actually like it!


HC: How do you feel people perceive you on campus?

Ashanti: That’s a question and a half. I think they think I’m outgoing and just friendly overall


HC: What are your plans for when you get your MBA degree?

Ashanti: I’m going to law school straight out of Hampton and then I want to do a GD/ PHD program because I want to be able to teach. So it gives me both at the same time.


HC: How does it feel being very well known at Hampton? Is that something that you are used to, and how do you deal with that?

Ashanti: I don’t even feel like a lot of people know me * laughs *. I’m just a friendly person so it doesn’t bother me.  I kinda like the idea of being social and being kinda out there.


HC: Now since this week Her Campus’ theme is Valentine’s Day, let’s get into some Valentines Day specific questions!!

HC: Describe for us your perfect man?

Ashanti: Well I like chocolate! The darker he is the finer he is lol, (in my opinion!) He always has to be able to make me laugh and smile, which is so important. He has to have some type of intelligence and you have to be ambitious and have leadership skills of some kind. He also has to have Lots of Personality because I am very extra ,so he has to match that.


HC:  Describe for us your ideal dream date.

Ashanti: I am super corny, so if a male cooks inside my house ,that would really make my day. Something simple, I don’t ask for much.


HC: What is your advice for someone who doesn’t have a valentine?

Ashanti: Girl you don’t need no man! You can be okay with yourself. Love yourself first!


HC: Do you feel like what happens on Valentines Day should define the relationship? How important is that?

Ashanti: To me it’s not super important, but definitely make an effort to your partner that you care, and to make the day special.


Make sure to follow Ashanti on instagram @_shantii_ to keep up with all the exciting things she has planned next!