Break the Silence: You Are Not Alone

#MeToo is dedicated to all the women who have suffered in silence for years. It’s dedicated to those who felt ashamed of what happened to them. #MeToo is for us, ladies.

The movement all started after dozens of women accused Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producer, of sexual harassment. The hashtag took over Twitter as women all over the world began to speak out saying they too were victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Many will ask why has the silence been kept for so long? Just look around, we live in a world today where women are shamed for their bodies and outfits and told that they were “asking for it”. People in this world still attempt to blame women for the injustices done against them. None of these women were asking for it and none of them deserved to be violated. The women who have said “Me too” have an insane amount of courage and strength. They have abandoned the thoughts of shame and embarrassment, feelings that many feel after they endure sexual harassment and assault. They have suffered in silence long enough and have decided to break free from the chains of violation and discomfort. They deserve justice and to be recognized.

Their bravery to share their stories in hopes of getting justice and personal freedom from the binds of their situation has inspired others. This includes Time Magazine who named “The Silence Breakers” the 2017 Persons of the Year. These women featured on the cover have come forth with their stories and represent the many others who have tweeted #MeToo. The arm on the right-hand side of the magazine represents all the women who have yet to come forward or who have but don’t want to reveal their identities.

In order for this movement to continue, women must feel comfortable sharing their stories. I encourage any of you who have endured these hurtful acts to speak when you are ready. Inspire others to do the same. Harness your strength and use it to propel your stories into this world so that one-day sexual harassment and assault can come to an end. We must hold those persons guilty of the crime accountable and let them know that we will not allow them to do this any longer. Go forth ladies and let your voices be heard if you identify with this powerful hashtag because I too, have experienced the hurt from sexual harassment and assault.