The Braids Saw ‘Round the World: Travis Scott “Cheating” Scandal

On December 6th, photos surfaced on the internet of a man who looked very similar to artist Travis Scott, down to the blonde braids, hugged up on a woman on a hotel balcony. When the scandalous photo surfaced on the internet, everyone was shocked. Travis Scott is on top of the world right now. Despite being out for 4 months now, his Astroworld album, which I still bump almost everyday, is the #1 album in America. His song “Sicko Mode” with Drake is the #1 single in the world and Scott’s first #1 song on the Billboard charts. Scott has a 10-month old daughter with American reality television personality, Kylie Jenner. The couple had just begun calling each other “Wifey” and “Husband”, hinting at a possible marriage. When the photos dropped, the Internet thought it might have been another Tristan “Third Trimester” Thompson situation, but alas it was not.

Travis Scott impersonator and Youtuber, Christian Adam, confessed to the picture being “completely stage” as a part of a social experiment. Adam is a 20-year-old Youtuber who lives in the Bahamas. He has 329,001 subscribers and over 51,000 Instagram followers. For his “social experiment” Adam dressed up as Travis Scott, enlisted the help of his friend to play the Scott’s mistress, and had his other friend take paparazzi-like photos of the interaction. In a Youtube video, Adam claims he staged the photo to show how “gullible the internet is” in believing anything they see with no research. He says when he put the picture out, he did not add a caption and never said it was Travis Scott. In his eyes, the internet spun the photograph and made it into something it wasn’t. Adams’ overall message is: “Dear world, stop believing everything you see online.” Funny, coming from a Youtuber who gains followers and makes a living of of the internet. It seems to me that Adam wanted his five seconds of fame and to go viral.


When someone messes with the Kardashian family, they do not take it lightly. In addition to Travis Scott commenting “shaking my f****** head” under Adam’s picture, Kylie’s sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian also weighed in on the scandal.

Whatever the true intentions behind Christian Adam’s cheating prank, I think we can all agree that it was not funny. When children are involved, relationships and families should be off limits. We may joke on celebrities and idolize them, but they are still real people with real feelings and real issues.