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The Struggles of Being a Black Girl

Being a black girl is lit, we are truly one of a kind. Although we may not all be related, we are sisters. Almost all black girls share the same experiences, and that’s what makes us so close. Let’s take a look at some of the struggles that us black girls face togethers.


1.       When your jeans are too big for your waist.

Everyone knows that black girls tend to have a little more junk in their trunk. Almost every black girl has experienced a time when they’ve had to buy a size up in jeans because their butt just couldn’t fit. This has got to be one of the most annoying problems ever, especially when you try to put a belt on, and the jeans still stick out from under the belt.

2.       When your edge control only wants to work for .25 seconds.

Yeah, you thought that your edges were going to be laid. You had every intention for your waves to be on swim, but your edge control had other intentions, now you have to walk around looking crazy. The only way to get your edges to really lay is by using the whole jar, but then you’ll just look like this:

3.       Remember getting your hair done as a little girl?

You have never experienced a pain worse than having your forehead brushed with a brush that is rougher than a brillo pad. Let’s not forget getting popped in the head with those little barrettes with the balls at the end. You never complain too much though because God forbid your mom really gives you “something to cry about”.

4.       The sad moment when your leave out just won’t blend

While we are on the subject of hair there is nothing more depressing than trying to blend your 20 inch Malaysian body wave, with your 8 inch all my life I had to fight looking leave out. When in doubt just grab a hat girl.

5.       When non black people ask you common sense questions.

Yes, I wear sunscreen, no I don’t know every single dance, and I put water on my hair to make it curly.

6.       That pitiful moment when you can’t find your foundation shade.

Some makeup companies only give us the choice between looking ashy gray or looking as white as snow.



7.       When your mom always had to make everything so difficult.

Remember being invited to sleepovers as a little girl? Susie and Sally’s mom were always quick to say yes, but your mom always asked to speak to the person’s parent, the mayor of the town, and the senator of the state before even considering letting you go.

8.    OMG is that your sister?

We all know that black don’t crack, but it is so annoying always having to explain that your mom is not your sister, especially when your mom is sitting there all excited looking like this:

9. Always being called angry.

So I’m just supposed to be alright with you always wanting to touch my hair, and stereotyping me?

10. You’re cute for a black girl.

“No, I always look like I was drenched and honey and dipped in gold and you can keep your backwards compliment”


No matter what happens in the world one thing that will always remain true is that it is always beautiful day to be a black girl. We’re strong, we’re powerful beyond measure, and we are absolutely gorgeous.


Just a black girl who's constantly flourishing.
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