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Black Chefs You Should Know About…and Follow

To all of my fellow self-proclaimed foodies, this article is for you. If you grew up watching the food network and the cooking channel as a child amazed at the 30-minute meals Rachael Ray could come up with or overcome with excitement to see who’d win the title of the next Iron Chef, this article may be for you. It also may be for you if you simply enjoy seeing and eating good food. Although we (thankfully) still have the food network and the cooking channel, it’s always great to have multiple places to which you can draw some new food inspiration from, especially when those who inspire you the most share a similar identity to you. This is not to say that the African-American Identity is one that is singular, however, it is one that has banded us together through time and has given a unique culture like no other. 

It’s no secret that African-American cuisine is one that has been shaped by culture, and circumstance throughout the years. But in the age of Instagram/Twitter and the on-going pandemic, there have been many black chefs and home cooks who have used this circumstance to reach new levels in the kitchen. These individuals have taken it upon themselves to push the envelope with creating and innovating in the food space. Whether you're looking for some new food inspiration or you simply enjoy having a diverse timeline, below are some black chefs and home cooks your timeline desperately needs to see. 


1. @TheKitchenista (Instagram) 


 2. @chefresha (Instagram)


3. @tobiasdorzon (Instagram)


4. @tishwnders  (Instagram)


5. @deepfriedhoney (Instagram) 


6. @drezzyyy (Instagram) 


7. @tpoe228 (Instagram) 


8. @jayacancook (Instagram)


9. @cookdrankeat (Instagram) 


10. @itsholly (Instagram)

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