Black Celebs We Love

Celebrities all have an image to maintain and are looked at by many people across the world. We all have our opinions on these people by the things they do, how they dress, how they breathe and how they carry themselves. I have come up with a list of celebrities who are appealing to the public…. for now. 


1. Beyonce , Rihanna, Nicki 


There’s no need to explain why we love these three. First off they are just undeniably bomb…hair, body, mind. Earth born goddesses, if you will. Beyonce has the world on the edge of their seats, with her recently exposed world tour and her freshly dropped “Formation” video. Can I get a “yassssss!” to Formation?! Like gave me life and snatched my edges! Rihanna has recently dropped “Anti” and has collaborated with Puma as it’s new creative designer. Nicki… what’s good!?!? Wya sis? Haven’t heard from you in a while…

2. Will & Jada


“That Jada and that Will love…” regardless of irrelevant opinion Jada and Will are thee power couple of the century.  Both bring home the bacon, while doing it fashionably. This couple has been around since my childhood; I’ve grown up on Will & Jada. This couple is making strides towards diversifying public media and making an impact on the world one step at a time. I also have to acknowledge their kids… No matter how many things they do that we question we still love them. 

3. Taraji P. Henson



It is safe to say Taraji P. Henson is a queen. She is not afraid to speak her mind, regardless of what people may think and her personality reminds us all of that one aunt at the cookout we love. Can’t get enough of her. Taraji recently partnered with Apple Music, Mary J. Blige and Kerry Washington to bring us a new Apple commercial. The commercial reflects black women’s personality beautifully! (Link to video (

4. Plies



“Ran off on the plug twice!"… Plies is the king of Instagram with his constant videos and commentary. His raunchy behavior and decorated word choice grabs the attention of fans. Plies keeps our attention and keeps us laughing! Follow him on Instagram @Plies 

5. Drake



The Clapback King! Drake has recently been in the public a lot, dealing with his rap responses, dating and collaborations. He is making millions and his mark on the world. Recently, Drake helped out with the 2016 NBA All Star game and from his facial expressions he had a wonderful time. He also teamed up with Rih to help her with the music video for “Work.” 

6. Tiffany “New York” Pollard


We all know her from the early 2000’s television show, “Flavor of Love.” She has a mouth and is not afraid to use it…. She says whatever she wants to when she wants and I think that’s why we love her so much. 

7. Blac Chyna & Amber Rose


So lets just take the time here to appreciate these two… this duo is combating slut shaming and getting Rob Kardashian out the house at the same damn time. What more could we ask for?

8. Dwayne & Whitley


Dwayne & Whitley’s relationship is the HBCU attendees dream. Finding a relationship such as their's is luck and an act of God. 

9. Kanye West


The Life of Pablo is Kanye’s most recent artwork while he is also in the process of working on his presidential candidacy and appealing to college students by tweeting “we have to lower the cost of textbooks…” I’m here for it, as long as Trump does not become president I am satisfied. We also love Kanye for his personality… his rude manor and aggressive behavior! It seems as though we love to hate him. Personally, I love to love Kanye. 

10. Tracee Ellis Ross


T-Murda, also known as Tracee Ellis Ross, steps out of the shadows every now and then and makes her presence known on Instagram with her short, energy filled videos. Often commenting on popular rap lyrics, and getting with the new fashions such a grills, T-Murda is a celeb we all can’t help but love. Follow her on Instagram @Traceeellisross

11. Erykah Badu



Mama Badu! Style, personality, humor and soul are words that all accurately describe Ms. Badu. We have all listened to her music whether it was “Call Tyrone”, “Other Side of the Game”, or “Bag Lady” every song speaks to the soul and heart.