The Birdbox Challenge?

Through the years, we’ve seen many viral challenges. From the ALS ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon, the mannequin, and the running man challenges. Even tide pod challenge had its moment. The latest challenge to sweep the internet was inspired by Netflix - The Bird Box Challenge. The challenge just requires one to blindfold themselves while doing something. There are videos of families trying it in their homes and even blindfolded babies running into walls. Unfortunately, more extreme versions of the challenge have resulted in deaths and injuries. One example is a teen in Utah who attempted the challenge while driving in her pickup truck with a 16 year old passenger. According to CNN, she skidded off the road, hit another driver and a crashed into a light pole.

Another man blindfolded himself and trusted his Tesla’s autopilot to take the wheel. While says that the Tesla employs a “combination of eight cameras, 12 ultrasonic (sonar) sensors, and a forward-facing radar,” it is not a replacement for responsibly driving.

In light of these events, Netflix released a PSA on Twitter:

“Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.”