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BIH It’s Homecoming

So of course, Hampton University is the home of the Bad and Boujee, and the home of the, “I went to private school all my life, but let me flex like I know a lil something about the struggle.” No shade, or is it? Anywho, homecoming is no different. Actually, homecoming is even worse for those who already can’t stand us.

To the lady who pulled up in a floor-length mink my freshman homecoming and bought me a funnel cake to cut me in line, to Drew from Love & Hip Hop casually making an appearance because he all of a sudden wants to claim us.

With DJ Envy hosting our concert and PNB Rock performing I wonder who else is going to show up and flex. I’ve seen females with their hair natural, the Erykah Badu scarf bun, and the pre-twist for the curly fro all week so you know by Saturday the leave out will be blended, the scarves will disappear and with rain or without you will see ladies in heels all week.


Refund checks were saved, the work-study drops this Friday, and it’s the year of the Ogre so I can only imagine what’s next. Hampton’s flex is like none other.

To arguing under Instagram pictures about which fit about to be more fire, to shutting down the enterprise rent a car website, to selling tickets for the price of my electricity, we did not come to play with you this year!

So tell a friend to the tell a friend that the theme of homecoming this year is, “Stunting on my X BIH,” so if you aren’t coming to flex, you aren’t coming to Hampton.

Yinde Newby is a Journalism and Communications major on the pre-law track. Yinde currently is a junior in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at Hampton University. Yinde is expected to graduate May of 2018 but she is also a candidate for early gradation securing her spot on the dean’s list since her freshman year. The treasurer of the pre-law society, eldest of 3 girls, and spoken word artist when does she find time to sleep? She is a Fashionista by day and prepping for LSATS by night. Yinde is dedicated to finishing her undergrad at Hampton and going straight to the city either New York or DC for law school. With dreams of becoming a district attorney for the state of Florida hoping to repair the justice that was lost in the Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman case this dream is very dear to her heart. Restoring justice isn’t the only thing on her agenda; she also wants to open up a non-profit called “L.I.S.T.E.N” for fatherless daughters ages 5-18. Knowing the misfortune of an absent father, she wants nothing more than to fill that void immediately for someone else with positive mentoring and unconditional love and support. Yinde wants to do it all so kids aren’t in her future, her dream as a child has always been to work until she’s no longer helping anyone. Interning for online publications like The Odyssey and College Fashionista Yinde loves to keep her hands busy when she finds the time.Determined, driven, humble and modest Yinde wants nothing more than to give her sisters several opportunities to fall back on. Through faith and her mother’s motivational letters Yinde’s manage to become confident in who she is and what she brings to the table, therefore she isn’t afraid to eat alone.
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