The Best Big Fashion Statements From Lil Nas X

Hey, HerCampus readers! 

Before 2019 comes to an end we want to give recognition to Lil Nas X for staying on top of the charts and trends. He became popular in the music industry from his hit songs Old Town Road and Panini. He is well known for his country-rap style that became a very controversial topic at the start of his career. 

Cowboy Boots & Fringe

With his music staying at the top of the charts, he has been nominated for over 10 awards this year alone. Having to arrive at so many red carpet events he stays ready in some cowboy boots and fringe. One could say this is a go-to combination for Lil Nas X. His debut as an artist was in the country genre and we are constantly reminded with his unique spin on the modern cowboy look. 

Electric Colors

Showing up and showing out! Here is a couple more red carpet looks from Lil Nas X. These vibrant and beautiful colors would make anybody do a double-take. But, don’t let that distract you from the details. In the first picture, he is giving us island or vacation vibes with this blue suit that is trimmed with animal and floral prints. While the all-red outfit is serving flames with the details on this suit.

A Different World

These photos were taken for a Teen Vogue shoot and shot by Camila Falquez. X made sure to bring his boots to the photoshoot, staying true to his well-known style. However, there is a bit of a switch up as we see him in jeans and a T-shirt and leather pants and a sweater, instead of his usual blinged out and vibrant suits.  

While we recognize the new artist blessing us with these bold fashion statements, we can not forget about his stylist. Hodo Musa is a 34-year-old woman with an interesting story and describes her style as fun. We can’t wait to see what amazing styles the pair will come up with in 2020.