Being Single Has Health Benefits?

Being single, like everything else in life, has pros and cons. We’ve heard many of the pros: having freedom, being able to learn about yourself, and exploring your options. But have you heard that being single has a positive impact on your health?

According to Medical News Today, singleness can increase productivity and creativity, so don’t be surprised if during your single season you’re accomplishing more than ever before. The time spent in one’s own presence allows for the flow of creative juices and new ideas to blossom.

Single people also tend to workout more than people in relationships and, therefore, have improved physical fitness. This is a step up from working on that revenge body to get back at your ex. This is indicative of a more active lifestyle overall. Medical News Today says,

“Single males spent, on average, 8 hours and 3 minutes exercising over the course of 2 weeks, compared with just 4 hours and 47 minutes for married men.”

After a long day of productivity and working out, you’re likely to curl up and go to bed and surprise, surprise -- singles even sleep better. A study done by, that surveyed 2,000 Americans about their sleeping habits, discovered that single people sleep longer and better than the rest of us. So, if you’re having trouble catching Zzz’s… you know what to do.

Just kidding! But this isn’t to say that being single is better than being in a relationship. There are pros and cons to every situation and even proven health benefits of being hitched to someone else. However, there is a stigma attached to being single that it must be lonely and sad. It does not have to be. Like research suggests, being single can be fulfilling. It can create a better you in mind, body, and spirit.


Whether you’re married, single, or just boo’d up, embrace the stage you are in and look at the positive sides of it because there is good in everything.