Beauty Bash: Be Your Own Beautiful

Do you like fitness, makeup, healthy eating and living? In the Student Center Atrium, on February 23rd at 6pm, Hampton University will be hosting a Beauty Bash to discuss health, beauty and fitness. Health and fitness are vital keys to life as they help you look bomb in a bathing suit, but also allow you to live life to its fullest. So come out and join your fellow bomb black girls in the presence of professionals who can teach us all a thing or two.

Dermatologist, Dr. Pamela Royal will be in attendance to speak to us about keeping our skin right. There are probably many things we are struggling with on our faces, just kidding you’re perfect, but I on the other hand have been experiencing multiple breakouts because of this semester’s workload. I have been meaning to visit a dermatologist but girl, I just don’t have any time; that’s something I think that black women do though, since we are so bomb, and so busy we just never have time for ourselves, to make sure we are ok, and in line.

So as everybody knows black women are obsessed- possible understatement- with their hair. Patrice Hector, will be making an appearance to discuss all things hair. She will be there to answer any questions your little-locs desire. Staying on the topic of hair, Dr. Desiree Williams will be speaking on her newest book “Love Affair With My Hair: Why Black Women Cheat on Health.” Honestly, I’m super excited about this because I think that this needs to be acknowledged. So many black women cheat on health for looks or sometimes even for the conservation of time. A great example of cheating.. Ever heard of a perm? Perms are a chemical process applied to the hair to achieve bone-straight sleek hair. This process includes, lye, a chemical which is harmful and we literally put it on our scalp… but we look good right!? Well Dr. Williams will be here to address it all.

Along with these bomb black women coming to answer any questions and divulge all details, there will be featured vendors such as College Girls Inc.- a brand created for collegiate women, Throne cosmetics, Patrice Hector’s “Id Rather Rock Short Hair” t-shirt line and Cocotique a natural hair product brand.

This bash will end at 8pm with a raffle of many different products and a MAC gift card! You don’t have a chance to win the gift card if you don’t come.. So ill see you there.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities at (757) 727-5691.