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To Be (Home) or Not to Be (Home): How I Became Comfortable in Quarantine

If someone had told me back in January that I would spend some of the most important moments of my life in my living room during a pandemic instead of at my boarding school with my best friends, I would have called them crazy. But now that we’re about six months into quarantine, I wish I had known sooner. 


Living at a boarding school is a completely different world from living at home. I met my closest friends through weekend activities and lived down the hall from them. There was always something to do like go to study hall in the library, attend a basketball game on Friday, or even watch an Uno competition in the student center. I spent four years at boarding school and there was never a dull day.


Now that I’m home life looks a little (extremely) different. My childhood friends live 30 minutes away from me. My siblings and parents are busy when I am free. My high school friends, who I used to spend every waking hour with, are now in college experiencing the same thing. 


At first, it was hard. I felt like I was lost in my bedroom, daydreaming about walking across my high school’s campus to get food, or what I would have been doing with my friends that afternoon. I would sit down in the basement (where my dad’s office is) and ask him if he wanted to paint or play video games. That’s what I did on Saturdays with my roommate before everything changed. Eventually, I realized that it was time to revamp my life at home so I could have more fun.


First, I started Chloe Ting’s workout challenge (emphasis on started, but at least I tried)! Working out did help me feel better since I wasn’t just sitting around anymore, so I decided to workout four days a week. Even on the days I didn’t feel like doing those leg lifts and squats, I did Beyoncé’s “Getting to the Money” dance routine. It wasn’t a performance Beyoncé would have paid me for but it definitely put a smile on my siblings’ faces. 


Another way I started to have more fun at home was cooking with my mom. At school, I was used to either going to the cafeteria or getting Postmates delivered every week. When I came home, it was clear that if I was going to order for myself, I had to order for the whole family. So instead of spending the money I’m (still) trying to save for when I get to campus, I wrote down my favorite meals and asked my mom to help. Last week I made chicken alfredo with asparagus and I have to say, Gordon Ramsey would be proud… hopefully. 

Along with working out and cooking, I decided to pick up my old hobbies. I started painting, organizing different spaces around the house, and even knitting with my younger sister. Most recently, my family and I started movie nights again which brings the whole house together as opposed to all of us being in our rooms. 

Hopefully, what I have learned over these past few months will help me when I move on to Hampton’s campus for the first time. For others who transitioned from a life outside the house to being a homebody, my advice is make the most out of it. Changing up your routine, calling a loved one, or even binge watching your favorite series can make these times a little brighter.

Eden Jones is a first-year psychology major from Washington, DC. After college, Eden plans to go to graduate school and receive her Master's in Psychology. At Hampton, she is a member of the Her Campus Twitter team, and is also a member of the executive board of College Girls; where she serves as the Bonding Events Coordinator. In her free time, Eden enjoys making flyers for her clubs, watching new shows and movies with her family, and getting to know other Hamptonians virtually.
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