The Battle of Bowward Wowward Vs Leslie Holden

On Friday, February 3rd rapper Bow Wow was arrested in Atlanta. Shad Moss was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Leslie Holden, after a heated argument. According to lawyers, the argument between Bow Wow and Leslie transpired after they had an argument about Leslie’s “entertaining” of a man at Shaquille O’Neal’s Superbowl party. When they returned home, the argument escalated to a physical altercation. According to the Atlanta Police Department, they were unable to determine the primary aggressor of the fight, so they charged both parties with battery. Bow Wow sustained injuries that could be seen in his mugshot, but Leslie suffered from redness on her back, red marks on her right fingers, and broken fingernails. According to Bow Wow, he was beaten with a lamp, bit on his side, and spit on by his aggressor. However, according to Leslie, Shad hit her in the head, pulled her by her hair, dragged her from her bedroom, and threw her out of his house.


Bow Wow’s lawyers claim that he was arrested wrongfully after being beat by an intoxicated female, a.k.a Leslie. Parties were interviewed as witnesses on behalf of Bow Wow and they backed his version of the story. However, they both were still arrested. Leslie was the one who called the police and also has made previous claims that her and Bow Wow were participating in a toxic relationship.


For the past week, twitter has been in an uproar about the injuries that Moss sustained saying that he was “beat up” and let Leslie “put the paws on him.” Yes, Leslie did put the paws on him from what we could see.



But, who are we to judge Bow Wow for not hitting her back? We’ve been raised in a society that praises domestic violence, and he took the time to try not to fight Leslie back. The ability to contain himself, even after being provoked shows how much of a stand-up adult he has grown to be. The reality is that if he had put hands on Leslie he would be labeled as a “woman-beater” and his daughter would most-likely be bullied. Moss set an example for his daughter and other women that may soon come into his life. That, is respectable.