Author, Leader & Go-Getter: Chental-Song Bembry

Over the past two weeks we celebrated National Reading Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday. While it’s important to encourage reading, we must ask why African-Americans aren’t the protagonists in media. Chental- Song Bembry discovered this problem at the age of ten. Bembry is currently a sophomore studying Journalism with minor in Leadership Studies. On campus she’s involved in HerCampus, Hampton Script, Emerging Young Leaders, PRSSA, and the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute. While remaining active on campus, she also runs her business, The Honey Bunch Kids, LLC.

When Chental was ten years old she fell in love with cartoons. However, she quickly noticed that there were very few main characters who looked like her. Additionally, she says she never saw African-American children having fun together in the media. Chental filled that void by writing The Honey Bunch Kids book series for boys and girls ages 7-12. The Honey Bunch Kids follows the hilarious adventures of a dynamic group of middle schoolers who learn the meaning of friendship and teamwork in and outside of school. Today there are three books in the series.

Children have fallen in love with The Honey Bunch Kids because of its humor, dynamic graphics, and real life experiences. Young readers are able to learn from characters by seeing themselves in each character. Additionally, the series is educational, featuring strong vocabulary and themes of friendship and respect.

Along with writing The Honey Bunch Kids, Chental started a literacy campaign in 2010. She talks with students about the importance of reading, goal setting, and the impact of reading on academic success. She then uses The Honey Bunch Kids to inspire students about what they can achieve if they embrace reading. Chental also inspires other Hamptonians to achieve their dreams as well. Chental says, “You don’t have to wait to be an adult carry out your idea.”  She is a mere reflection of this statement, as she has been carrying out her dream since the age of ten.

Obviously, her accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. Last February she was recognized by BET Honors as an Early Riser for her accomplishments as a writer and motivational speaker. Last March Chental was named a Making A Difference Girl by Black Girls Rock, where she stood onstage with First Lady Michelle Obama, Chental’s life goal is to uplift African-American children through positive entertainment.

Chental’s biggest influence is her mother, who has pushed Chental to reach her fullest potential. In addition, one of Chental’s favorite books is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. With these influences and work ethic there’s a lot ahead for Chental and The Honey Bunch Kids series.

After graduating from Hampton University, Chental plans to develop The Honey Bunch Kids into an animated series and a global brand, which will include clothes, dolls, bedding, games, and other novelty items for boys and girls. In order to make this happen, Chental needs full support from her Hampton University family. Students, alumnae, and parents can start by liking The Honey Bunch Kids Facebook page. Then encourage your mother, father, church, and community to like the page. Chental is also looking for 2-D animators and graphic artists for The Honey Bunch Kids animated series, which she plans to launch on YouTube. We know that it takes a community to achieve goals, so let’s get The Honey Bunch Kids into mainstream media!