Ask HC

Hey HamptonU! Welcome to the first volume of “Ask HC” ! We hope that we answered your questions and provided a little insight. If you like what you read, tune in next week for more. Don’t be afraid to get a little juicy!



Q: I’m the only one in my friend group that has a car and my friends always ask me if I want them to give me gas money and I always tell them no because I don’t want to be that friend. I don’t mind taking them places but all the time is a lot. How do I tell them it’s getting to be a lot with being an ass?

This is so funny because of how relatable this is! In order for you to be fully comfortable you need to set rules. Not harsh rules to make them feel uncomfortable. Personally speaking, I would not charge friends but everyone is different. You set the tone of the situation once you began giving back the money. I had a similar situation with people I no longer speak to because instead of them being honest, they started to pick ways to lash out. Before this happens with you and your friend group, be honest completely. Let them know that it bothers you at times to take them places. You are entitled to feel how you want. If you gals are true friends this shouldn’t make anything weird between you all.


Q: What's on top of your birthday wish list?

A: Def a Judith Leiber clutch or 10. This should be number 1 on everyone’s list!


Q: I’m a freshman & having a hard decision deciding if i should stay or transfer. I’m from down south so I only go home 2x a year. My loan is a lot of money. Things would be better instate but i also am starting to get involved on campus and know i won’t get the opportunities for my career elsewhere.

Honestly I was going to leave my junior year. I convinced myself that Hampton was way too expensive for the mediocre time that I was having here. YES, I was involved but that wasn’t enough to keep me interested. Long story short, I’m still here and even though things weren’t always sweet it is about what you make it. Stay involved. Get even more involved, speak to people, network,and be yourself. Only you can make this decision so choose wisely.


Q: I'm an incoming freshman and I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I see myself being with him forever, but I hear all the time that we should break up before we go off to college. Should I stay with him or break it off?

A: Do you want to break up or stay with this man? Forget what other people tell you, listen to your heart and what it is telling you to do. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I would also recommend that you and your boyfriend have a discussion about this transition in your life because college is definitely a huge adjustment. College is all about balance and you will just have to learn to balance your man and college life. Just go with the flow. If you notice things start to get weird, break things off but for now, enjoy your relationship and your upcoming freshman year!


Q: Is it crazy that I'm a junior and I still feel like my body count matters? I have the urge to have sex with different guys but won't because I want to keep my body count at 2. Does body count really matter that much at this age?

A: Girl...if you don’t go spin around and keep it still inside! Body count is pointless and a social construct to keep women from having orgasms, similar to the construct of virginity. As long as you’re staying safe, have sex with who you want to. Keep your business your business and enjoy yourself. I can guarantee you that someone else is doing the same because guess what, we all like sex. Be safe and be smart, and get yours.

Q: I think I might want to change my major, but if I do I know I will probably have to graduate late. Should I just stay in this major I hate and get the degree or follow my passion and switch?

A: Follow your passion. Point blank period. There are plenty of people at Hampton who have changed their majors, stayed another year, and are happier because of it. Life is too short to waste it in a major that you hate. Also, you will be too deep in love with your new major to even realize you are here for one extra year. Follow your heart!

Q: I have friends here at Hampton that I don’t think are really genuine. Whenever I’m with them it feels off. I want to make a change but my schedule is so ingrained with them and I don’t want to start something. How can I make new friends and get out of this situation?

A: I recently got rid of my whole friend because it was too much of back and forth. Totally unhealthy. I’m very outgoing and I love speaking to people but I was insecure going through the next step of someone who going to “potentially be my friend.” Just be yourself, make friends with people in your class and always remain involved. It’s people everywhere on this campus.


Q: How do you go about a toxic friend you knew for a very long time ?

A: CUT THEM OFF. Not dealing with toxic boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, anyone. It’s 2019, we literally have no time to waste.