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Aria Hill: Service in More Ways Than One

Aria Hill, a budding pharmacy student with a passion for community service is building an empire. “I’m just trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents,” said Hill. With her passion and dedication her fifteen cents will turn into millions.

Aria began her journey here at Hampton University in 2014. After visiting the campus on a college tour with her church and once again with her family, she knew Hampton University was the right choice for her. “When I visited Howard University their pharmacy program was eight years. I wanted to have a more steadfast track, said Hill.” Therefore, Aria took her talents to The Real HU. “I love the pharmacy program at Hampton, and the family environment. I can honestly see myself growing here.”

And in those few years Aria has grown into a Hampton Woman that will soon have PharmD behind her last name. She was recently inducted into the Hampton University School of Pharmacy. This was one of her proudest moments. However, it was just the beginning. Aria ultimately wants to build her own local pharmacy in underprivileged communities. “It’s important for me to get acquainted with people in the area. I want to educate those who cannot afford medical assistance with a mobile pharmacy, said Aria.” She also wants to provide opportunities for residents in that area to work in the pharmacy with retail positions in return of community service hours.

Although Aria is pursuing her degree in pharmacy, she still has a thriving passion for community service. Aria founded Service Spree, which is a non-profit organization that acts as a liaison for local organizations that are in need of volunteers. She created Service Spree because ten hours of community service was a requirement for her biology class. After searching tirelessly for community service endeavors she could only find opportunities that were Greek affiliated. Therefore, she created Service Spree which provides a guaranteed 20 hours of service per a month, for just 20 dollars a year to Hampton University students. Although Aria is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Service Spree is not affiliated with a sole Greek organization. “I want Hampton U students to have guaranteed community service hours without feeling the need to do it with a particular Greek organization,” said Aria. As Service Spree continues to build its brand it also has a two co-initiatives. Passionate Purses and Gentelligence. Passion Purses collects donated purses and distributes them to homeless women with bundles of toiletries, feminine care, and beauty products inside. Gentelligence is a male mentoring program in the Hampton Roads area.

With Service Spree growing and her journey as a pharmacy student beginning you may ask how does she balance it all. “Honestly, I have no idea how I balance it all. I start my day off by writing my plans out hour by hour and I put my priorities first. That’s it! God constantly guides me,” said Hill.

Des'Tini "Butter" LaGrone is a sophomore Journalism major, minoring in Spanish at Hampton University. She hails from St.Louis, Missouri and encourages others to be a Goal Digger.
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