Is Anything Private Anymore?

We The Best Music’s DJ Khaled finally became a father to his son who he’s been talking about on Snapchat since the summertime. Khaled is known for putting EVERYTHING on Snapchat, but who knew he would be playing his hit song, “I Got The Keys,” while his fiancé, Nicole Tuck is pushing his son out for the whole world to see?

Social media went crazy after the DJ and producer took this birth to social media. He showed Nicole cringing as she was having contractions and he even posed by the hospital bed for an Instagram picture that he captioned, “All praise to the most high,” with lion emojis, of course— because he’s the king of the jungle?

Diamond Robison, a senior, sociology major from Richmond, Virginia said, “I think recording it was pathetic. She was in pain delivering HIS child and not only was he not assisting in the birth by comforting her, holding her hand, etc. He was having a photo shoot. If I was her I would’ve been pissed.”

Shariah Sweetney, a senior, psychology major from Winston-Salem, North Carolina had an opposing opinion. “I think with him putting it on the Internet he’s expressing his gratitude, I think as long as he kept it appropriate and tasteful then it’s fine. Because we all know what giving birth looks like,” said Sweetney.

Khaled snapchatting his son’s birth brought a bigger issue to the table though. Giving birth and bringing a new life into the world is an intimate scene. No, DJ Khaled didn’t show Tuck’s vaginal area, however it was still a very intimate moment. Our generation is so attached to social media and over sharing that some times it is possible to lose the connection with true intimate moments.

“Everyone wants the entire world to know everything they’re doing. It’s all for show. When I’m really enjoying myself the last thing on my mind is putting it on Snapchat,” said Robinson.

Everything is a show, we all live our own separate reality shows, but we have to learn how to separate the extremely private moments from the sharable moments. It may seem like there is a fine line between the two at times, but there are moments like giving birth that deserve to be kept private.

Regardless of Khaled’s decision to Snapchat his entire life— Her Campus congratulates DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck on the birth of their healthy baby boy!