Anti Review

After more than three years of waiting, Rihanna finally blesses her “Navy”, a.k.a. her loyal fans, with “Anti”. The pop star dropped her eighth album on January 28th. Fans were able to download the thirteen tracks for free on the music streaming app Tidal. The next day she released the deluxe version with sixteen songs.  Listeners are raving about “Anti’s” versatility. It has a completely different sound from Rih’s previous well known pop albums.

“There’s a palpable feeling of liberation to the album: The distinct luxury of a musician who is free in all ways, artistically, thematically and financially,” said Jenna Wortham from The New York Times Magazine. 

Clearly album sales and financial success weren’t main concerns of this release, being that Rihanna tweeted the link to her downloadable album. She had the freedom to create exactly what she wanted and of course it hit No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 albums chart. From her hit single “Work”, that’s bound to get you dancing to the interlude “Higher” or “Consideration”. We can definitely tell that “Anti” is the album Rihanna wanted the world to hear.

Evyn, who is a huge fan of Rihanna, says, “Anti” is like a work of art. This is the album of a lifetime. Rihanna made us wait two years so she had time to put her entire soul into sixteen songs.”

Anti is now available on ITunes and Tidal and be sure to check out. You will definitely find one song you love, if not all of them!