Adventurous First Date Ideas

First dates come with many emotions and feelings, some of which include excitement, joy, and anxiousness. While first dates come with those expected emotions, what else does it come with? Your typical first date may be going to see a movie, going to a restaurant, or even staying in and watching a movie on Netflix. Those are all great things to do on a first date, but the list goes on further than the typical options. Who doesn’t love a good adventure?

There are many hidden gems in the Hampton Roads area that are here for our enjoyment; you just have to be willing to look for them. Ziplining on a first date is a great way to get to know someone on a different level, you’re literally trusting them with your life! It brings an adrenaline rush that can’t come by sitting in a theater or a restaurant. If ziplining is what you’re looking to do, go right to Virginia Beach! There is a zipline park as well as many museums and sights waiting for your arrival.


Warm weather is slowly approaching us. That means amusement and water parks are going to be ours for the taking soon. You can connect with someone more during fun and adventurous trips that show you a different side of them. You probably would not have seen that side of them by doing something that is conventional and can sometimes be awkward.


Life is too short. Skip the cliche dinner and movies for a first date. Go canoeing down a river, ziplining through the woods, or even do indoor skydiving. Make everlasting memories while we still can and enjoy life to the fullest!